Friday, February 28, 2014

My English Teacher Would Be Appalled!

By appalled, I mean by my HORRENDOUS grammar on this blog. Of course, she might also be shocked at the extraneous amount of ALL CAPS and squealing and talking about boys and relationships and in general, just at the totally teenager vibe of this whole blog. BUT as an English teacher, I feel like she'd be most taken aback by how I write on this blog. 

If you've ever read any one of my posts here, I think you'd get what I mean. I pepper sentences with commas like nobody's business. I often use the word and in a sentence four times and more. And my diction could probably improve by MILES. 

The thing is, I know all this. I do. I mean, I'm getting a decent mark in English class so I MUST have some knowledge of how to write well. So how come all these rules just seem to be totally thrown out of my book on this blog? (Or defenestrated. If my teacher does happen upon my blog and finds this post, at the very least she can be content in thinking that I do have a vocabulary that extends beyond definitely, awesome, and OMG.)

And the truth is actually very simple. Because I don't want to. I'm happy with the content I put out even though my writing is crazy and might make you cringe. I love what I create and it satisfies me. Of course, I could absolutely put in more effort into editing my posts and writing them so they're akin to the assignments I hand into my teacher but that's just not my style and not what I want. The Runaway Reader is not one of those blogs you read where you're just like "Wow, this blog is so professional and the blogger is such a great writer". And I'm totally 100% okay with that. Because firstly, I know that that's never going to be me even when I'm exerting my very best and secondly, because that's not what I want to be remembered for. That's not what's important to me when I think of what I want my blog to be. 

When people visit The Runaway Reader, I want them to feel like they're actually listening to me talk. I want them to feel like they know me, like the totally pure Annie. I don't want to brush myself up (partially because I'm really lazy) and present myself that doesn't feel real.

It's one of my fears that I'll be like totally posh-sounding on this blog and when I actually happen to meet book bloggers IRL, they'll be extremely ill-prepared for how un-posh I actually am in person. They won't be expecting squealing and enthusiasm x10 or run-on sentences and fangirling about TV, boys (omg, my poor friends who have to listen to me talk about boys all day, I'm so so so sorry for you. You should just be glad I don't have a boyfriend) and all the other stuff I like to fangirl about. And I don't know, but for me that just sounds like the worst thing ever. 

So basically, what you see is what you get on The Runaway Reader. Which is why, thank goodness, my teacher does not read this blog (she actually did try searching me up once after I mentioned I blogged once in my assignment) because I do not think she would like what she saw. Imagine her just trying to get through one of my sentences! I feel like she would shake her head at me in disgust secretly every time she saw me, thinking "I thought I taught you better!". 

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to hope she never finds this.

What about you? Does your writing on your blog reflect how you speak and how you are IRL? Speak your mind in the comments!

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