Review Policy

If you are an author or a publisher interested in contacting me for a review, you've come to the right place!

I am  NOT currently open to receiving review requests due to time restraints - junior year, high school, YOU KNOW. But I'll update this page when this status changes. I accept both physical and digital copies (preferably EPUB but PDFs are okay as well).

In terms of genres, as this is a predominantly YA blog, I will accept all types of Young Adult but also select Middle Grade and Adult titles. My reading taste ranges from fantasy to non-fction but my favourite genres include:

  • Contemporary / Contemporary Romance YA
  • Mystery / Thriller YA
  • Historical Fiction YA
However, I will also consider the following genres:
  • Fantasy YA
  • Paranormal YA
  • Post apocalyptic / dystopian YA
  • Science Fiction YA
  • Middle Grade
  • Literary Adult Fiction
What happens when my book gets accepted?
When your book gets accepted, that means I've made a commitment to you to at least try to finish and review the book. Please note that this does not mean a review is guaranteed. I really do try to review every single book I receive but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. It could be because I didn't have time to write one or that I didn't end up finishing it or any number of reasons but in the situation that I've decided I will not be reviewing your book, I will send you an email to let you know my reasoning. 

I don't have any particular schedule I stick to when I read but if you've sent me an Advance Reader Copy, they will be given priority over books that have already been released. Once I finish an ARC, I try to get a review up at least one week before the release date. This is just a habit of mine but if you have a particular time-frame for the review to be published, I would be happy to try and accommodate you! For example, if you would prefer a review of your ARC to go up a month in advance, just let me know in your email request and I'll make a note of it and try my best to fit that in.

Also, if you're thinking of sending me a book that's a part of a series to review, please note that I'll probably need previous installments as well.

What can I expect from your reviews?
All the reviews I write, regardless of whether they were sent to me for review or not, are 100% my own opinion. It's not my nature to be partial to a book just because I've been sent it. Like with all the books I read, the review I write will reflect whether or not I liked or disliked the book which means there is a possibility that I may write a negative review for your book. I don't write negative reviews out of spite nor do I write them to insult or bash the author, they're simply a reflection of my thoughts on the book. I'm reviewing the book and the book itself. Just to make that clear, okay?

I also do a number of different type of reviews on this blog which means that you also won't necessarily be getting a "standard review". I do mini reviews, DNF / did not finish reviews and series reviews as well and while I do try to write a standard review for all the books I get, there are times when I might write another type of review depending on my reaction to the book.

I link my reviews to Goodreads occasionally (aka if I remember to do so) but you can make a specific request for this too if you want me to post my review of your book on Goodreads.

This is what I include in my reviews:
  • Title and name of author 
  • Publisher and release date
  • Format and number of pages
  • Source (ie. how I acquired my copy)
  • A picture of the cover
  • A short synopsis 
  • My review
  • A reccommendation
  • A final rating on a 5 star scale
  • Links to other reviews around the internet
Format slightly varies depending on the type of review I'm doing but typically, I'll be following the structure above.

What about interviews, blog tours, giveaways etc?
I don't usually host author interviews, blog tours or giveaways but that's not to say I'm not open to it. If you have an inquiry about something on my blog OTHER than a book review, feel free to contact me and we can work out the details.

Anything else?
If you have any further questions, you can either email me at therunawayreader(at)gmail(dot)com or visit my Contact page!