Comment Policy

I appreciate every single one of the comments I get on this blog. I truly love reading each and every one and hearing what you have to say! One of my favourite parts about blogging is being able to interact and communicate with others and I find commenting is a great way for interaction.

Having said that, there does also need to be a line drawn somewhere. Any comments that I find offensive will be deleted without warning. Spam comments will be deleted as well. I totally encourage discussion and different thoughts and opinions on The Runaway Reader as long as you show respect to others. It's okay for you to disagree with me or someone else and express your opinion - that is your right - but please make sure to remember that behind the screen, there is a REAL person who has feelings so I won't tolerate anything hurtful or insulting to be said.

As for replies, I do always make it a point to respond to your comment but sometimes, it can be hard to do it in a timely fashion. Please have patience with me, even when I know it may be hard. I promise I'll get to your comment one day! And just know that although I may not have replied to you yet, that does not mean I haven't read your comment. I get an email notification as soon as someone comments on my blog so there is a 99% chance I have already read and squealed in delight at your comment. Just give me some time to reply, I WILL GET TO IT ONE DAY.