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Life of a Blogger (1): Favourite Bands

Hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature designed to reveal more about the blogger outside of books and blogging.

So obviously I love talking about myself and about things OTHER than books and while I still think that I'd like to start a new blog to mush all that non-bookish stuff together, I also think that it'd still be good for me to not talk about books on The Runaway Reader 24/7. Because I have a lot of interests and it's always so stuffy for me to have to do similar things even when it's centred around something I really enjoy so Life of a Blogger is a really fun and good thing for me to participate in and also for a chance for you to hopefully get to know me a bit better! 

This week, we're talking about... Favourite Bands.

I probably love talking about music as much as I love talking about books. I get that same crazed look in my eyes while I start rattling off songs that I adore and just like when I talk about books, people back slowly away from me. Thank goodness this is over the computer so that I can't see you walk away too! But maybe, you like the same bands that I do? And maybe you'll tell me in the comments so we can gush together? 

1. Phoenix >> I discovered them through Anna's blog approximately four years ago and I have been a huge fan ever since. I love how eclectic their music is and OMG, THOMAS MARS. He's just the coolest dude ever. I would probably give up a lot of things to see this band play live.

I like... Lisztomania, Long Distance Call, Rome, Entertainment, Trying to Be Cool, Run Run Run, Drakkar Noir, 1901

2. Of Monsters and Men >> You do not understand how much I love Of Monsters and Men. They probably top my favourite band list right now (maybe alongside Phoenix). I don't have any words to explain their greatness so I'll just give you some songs to listen to ASAP. 

I like... Mountain Sound, Dirty Paws, King And Lionheart, Love Love Love, Slow And Steady, From Finner, Six Weeks, Your Bones

3. Maroon 5 >> Maroon 5 is one of my ultimate go-to artists. I know I'm always going to love their music and want to sing along even if I have a much stronger preference for their earlier work. Whatever, I still sing along obnoxiously whenever they come on the radio. And ADAM LEVINE ASDFGHJKL. 

I like... Sunday Morning, She Will Be Loved, Harder To Breathe, Misery, This Love, Payphone, Makes Me Wonder, Through With You

4. Fall Out Boy >> I've listened to Fall Out Boy since I was 8. They were squeezed right between Hannah Montana and Jesse McCartney. I kind of fell out of listening to them afterwards but then their album Save Rock & Roll came out and I started listening to all their songs again and they're so good for jamming and also Patrick Stump is like the bomb diggity. 

I like... The Phoenix, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Sugar We're Going Down, Dance Dance, This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race, A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me, Alone Together

5. Bastille >> After hearing Pompeii, I totally fell in love with Dan's voice and downloaded their entire Bad Blood album which I just love SO much. Definitely, definitely one of my favourite bands.

I like... Pompeii, Laughter Lines, Bad Blood, Things We Lost In The Fire, Laura Palmer, Flaws

6. Noah and the Whale >> I haven't been listening to Noah and the Whale for very long but they have quickly cemented their spot on my list of favourite bands. They just have a very quirky and fun vibe that I really love and that I don't think I see enough of.

I like... 5 Years Time, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N, The First Days of Spring, Atoms in a Molecule

7. OneRepublic >> OneRepublic is another one of those bands whom I've liked for a long time. And I honestly have no clue what else I can write in these little blurbs so I'll just say that they're really good, I enjoy their music, and Ryan Tedder is just crazy amazing at everything.

I like... All The Right Moves, Life In Color, Feel Again, If I Lose Myself, Secrets, Good Life, Counting Stars, Apologize, Stop and Stare, Mercy

8. Imagine Dragons >> Another awesome lead singer named Dan! Is there some sort of a pattern I'm seeing? And I'm actually crazy in love with their name.

I like... On Top Of The World, Amsterdam, Demons, Bleeding Out, It's Time, Radioactive, Round and Round

9. Marianas Trench >> Canada represent! It's funny because whenever I learn that non-Canadians like them, I get this really shocked face because I still don't really understand the mass of their fanbase. I always feel like their music is really only played in Canada, like Hedley and Down With Webster. But it's great that they're getting recognized because they're so good!

I like... Haven't Had Enough, Desperate Measures, Good to You, Ever After, Stutter, Desperate Measures, Fallout, Celebrity Status

So clearly, I have waay too many favourite bands. I don't even think I'm halfway done! This is just a little peek at the artists I love. And sorry for the blurbs. As you can see, I'm obviously rubbish at coming up with descriptions.

If you share my favourites, or if you have an recommendations, I would love to see what you think in the comments! Happy listening!

** Images via GQ, NPR, The Sun, WNYC, and Starpulse

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