Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blog Announcement: Stepping Away Indefinitely

important updates and news regarding the runaway reader.

Hi guys, Annie here. I'm not quite sure what to say in this post besides the point of it which is that I'm taking a break from this blog indefinitely. And 'indefinitely', to me at least, always sounds a bit foreboding, like that something you think is going to happen but REALLY hope won't, will, in fact, occur. But in this context, I really do mean 'indefinitely' as in I will be making a return to this blog sometime in the future, I just don't know when yet.

Since returning from vacation in July, I haven't been active on this blog very much and recently I've tried to fix that but to be honest with you, I just haven't been in a great place physically or mentally lately. I feel like I just need a break from everything and take some time off for me to focus on feeling less stressed and less exhausted and less... everything. So needless to say, blogging is a part of that.

I wasn't initially planning on writing any sort of blog post to "announce" my break as I've practically been on a break since August but I guess it feels more comforting to me to make it official like this.

This is not the end. Just a break.

I'll be back. Love you guys and see you soon,

Annie xo

Saturday, October 3, 2015

September 2015 Monthly Recap

a look at how this past month went in my life, both on & off the blog

September's over and I'm not the least bit sad. Actually I'm REJOICING. September wasn't that bad for me but if you asked if I wanted to relive it, I would say no. It was that kind of month, you know? Not good but not the worst. It just felt like a trudge to get through. I can hardly believe that only 22 DAYS AGO I was still chilling at home on summer break. It feels like ages ago. My life since those first eight days of September has been essentially the exact opposite of relaxed. Oh and of course, to top it all off, I ended the month by catching the stomach flu! Yay!

what happened.

1. School started. This is obviously the big thing of the month. I started school! And while it's been great to see all my friends and teachers again, it's also been really stressful. I love all my classes and ended up with some really great teachers this year but just having to go through the ordeal of wondering who's in your classes, wondering where to sit, meeting new people again is always a little anxiety-inducing for me. I've also gotten a LOT of homework so far which of course isn't very fun. I definitely have a better organization system this year but I'm still very much a procrastinator so I'm trying to work on that. Overall though it really hasn't been that bad. Like I said, I've been enjoying all my classes (I'm taking math, english, biology, chemistry, ceramics, pre-AP french, world history to the 16th century and introduction to anthropology, psychology and sociology! I've been loving my biology, english, history and math classes which are all on the same day which SUCKS because then I have a great day and a shitty day when really it'd be so much nicer if they were equally good. The only one class I really regret taking though is pre-AP french. I feel like I'm in way over my head!) Plus, in a way, it is nice to get back into a routine and have something to do every day. For the last week of the summer break, I was basically DYING for school to start just because it was so monotonous to wake up and not have anything to do so in that way, it's been nice to return to school. But on the other hand, I've also had zero time to do anything but sleep, eat and do homework so there's that.

2. Other things I did in September: went to Momofuku, bought Queen of Shadows, FINALLY sorted out our internet/wifi, did not buy a dress I really liked, attended the Maple Leafs fan fest, strolled through a park, ate out a lot and baked muffins. So yes, I finally went to Momofuku and it was good! The cup they give you seemed a little small at first but they're actually quite generous with their soft serve so I found it was actually quite a decent amount. The only thing was the price which was SO expensive for an ice cream but I also wouldn't be opposed to buying it if I'm having it once every few months. I tried the milk soft serve with cornflakes (after reading Alexandra's experience with it in her ice cream post, one of my favourite posts of all time) but I would definitely be up for going back and trying their other flavours. And their cookies as well (slightly sad they don't have Klossies here though).

And I BOUGHT QUEEN OF SHADOWS. And it's a signed copy!! Let's not talk about how I still haven't read it yet (school OKAY) but at least, I own it which means I can find out any time I want what happens with Aelin and the gang.

We sorted out our internet which was great! I'm going to skip over this as it's not really interesting or exciting to anyone but me and my parents because we've been trying to get it done for SO LONG.

Major regret of the month: not buying a dress when I saw it on the rack. It was a dress I really really loved but I didn't get it the day I saw it and when I went back a week later, SOLD OUT. I can't even get it online because all the sizes are US only.

This next one is kind of a funny story. I was never really planning on going to fan fest but then a friend of mine got tickets so we went. And like it was fun but also not overly exciting? We didn't really get to meet any players but we got free tickets to a Marlies game which is cool so that's a thing I'll be looking forward to in October!

And yep, I went to a park that I'd never been to before and it was gorgeous. We also ate out a lot this month which is rare since usually we only eat out maybe 4 to 7 times a month? But we ate out a LOT this month so I had some really great food! And finally I baked muffins. Which probably very exctiing for most of you but I can't and don't bake so the fact that I made muffins and they tasted good is a breakthrough! Though I did bake them with a friend so maybe that's why they didn't end up horrible.

3. Mid Autumn Moon Festival. This month was also the mid-autumn moon festival and I don't know if it's strictly a Chinese thing or if other East Asians celebrate it as well? But yeah, we don't do a lot for the festival except for going out to dinner and eating mooncakes which are both fun things to do.

4. Stomach flu. Well this is definitely not fun. Technically speaking, it's October 2 and I still have it so it's not strictly a September thing but it started on the 30th and it has not been fun. I went to the hospital and they gave me Zofran so I've stopped vomiting which is VERY good but I still have a lot of pain and discomfort with my insides and am slightly dehydrated with a sore throat even though I've been drinking a lot of water. And I have the Taylor Swift concert tonight! Haha!

monthly playlist.

This month, I listened to a lot of RY X, The Arcs, Ben Howard (as his album I Forget Where We Were is perfect autumnal listening), Nic Hessler (Willa, if you're reading this, THANK YOU), Tove Styrke and Mamma Mia (since I watched the movie in FULL for the first time - I've only caught bits of it on TV but they've been from different moments in the movie so I've practically seen the entire thing out of order and in tiny snippets - and then my school insisted on playing a lot of Mamma Mia in the mornings which I'm not complaining about!).

currently reading, just finished & up next.

Thanks to school and just being really overwhelmed with all the things I have to do, I haven't really been reading very much. The last book I finished was Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella which I finished over two weeks ago. So yeah, I haven't finished any new books in two weeks but I am currently reading Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray, the follow up novel to The Diviners and it's really good but also slow going because it's soo long. But I think it's a safe bet to say I'll be able to finish it by the end of this month!

challenge updates.

Despite my best efforts, I've slacked off on all my challenges. I've stopped keeping track of what books count to which challenges so I can't tell you to save my life how far I've gotten into each challenge. I'll probably do a wrap up post near the end of the year and recount all the books I read that can be counted towards which goals but as of now, it's not really a top priority. BECAUSE SCHOOL.

highlights of the runaway reader.

what to expect in october.

I don't know how October's going to go blog-wise but as of now I would not expect a massive turnaround from how things were in September. I'm still recovering from my sickness and having taken a few days off from school, I have SO MUCH work to catch up on and so much stuff to do in general that it's making me a little terrified. But I think I'm almost certainly going to recap my experience at the Taylor Swift concert on Friday on the blog so you can look out for that in the next few days / weeks / whenever I get my shizz together? And of course, the follow up post to my back to school wishlist!

Do you guys have anything fun / interesting planned for October? How was your September? I haven't chatted with you guys in a while so talk to me in the comments!!