Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good Books, Wherefore Art Thou?

Maybe you've noticed, or maybe you haven't, but lately, I've been going through a really bad bookish slump. The kind of slump that leaves me so not interested in reading anything other than Teen Vogue, the kind of slump that leaves me wondering where the heck all the good books went.


It's not that the books I'm reading are bad, by any means. (Okay, some of them are kind of bad.) It's just that none of them are memorable or outstanding. They're just kind of all mediocre. Seriously, look through my review archive from the very beginning and count how many times I sounded like I wasn't too excited about the book. Basically my entire archive, right??

And it's not just this past week or even this past month. I'm sure I've been feeling this blehness about the books I've been reading at least since December. And now that I've set my mind to finishing all the books I HAVE to read (like review copies and books for school), the slump is kicking in. Talk about perfect timing, right? I have so much I know I have to read and now it's in full mode and I can't even bring myself to pick any book up without being bored to my mind.

THAT ACTUALLY NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Well, at least, it doesn't happen this frequently and consistently because usually, there's at least ONE book that I'd be interested in. There are zero right now.

It's scary how much this total disinterest in books is occurring lately. Have I lost my touch with books? Or do I just suck at finding good books to read? Or maybe it's me and not them - have I become too critical that I can't find enjoyment in books I would like otherwise?

And I know I'm not the only one because Jamie wrote a post a week ago about how she's also going through a reading slump. I didn't really think about this at that moment but after looking at my list of books read, it kind of dawned on me, like OH MY GOD MY READING HISTORY HAS BEEN AWFUL.

But anyway, whatever the reason is, I just want this slump to be OVER. Because no matter how much this slump makes me think that there are literally no good books out there or none that I will ever mind, no matter how much this slump makes me want to stay far, far away from touching anything with more than fifty pages, deep down I still want to return to those good old days when reading was fun and I loved it and had a good book to read all the time that I couldn't even decide which book to get back to.

Especially since I have a HUGE stack of books that I need to finish.

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Especially since I hate writing reviews now because all the books are unmemorable and leave me with nothing to say. Especially since I just want to go back to normal and read tons and tons of books and enjoy doing that again.


So dear Book Gods, if you're bored one day and happen upon my little blog and see this post, will you send some luck my way? So that hopefully, I'll get my reading mojo back on?

Have you ever felt this way? Maybe you're going through this right now! How do you cope? And because I'd REALLY like to get back to enjoying reading and reading great books, do you have any recommendations?

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