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The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin

The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin
Published October 1, 2013 by ECW Press
Paperback, 196 pages
Received from publisher through NetGalley -- thanks!

Pippa Greene is an aspiring photographer but it's in her blood. After all, her father was a photographer too. So when the annual Vantage Point photography competition is in just three weeks, Pippa is eager to get started on her shooting. But unfortunately, with the introduction of two cute boys and a volunteer position at the local hospital - one place she NEVER wanted to enter again - Vantage Point isn't the only thing on her mind.

I have to extend a huge thank you to this book for making me feel less stifled. Honestly, The Rule of Thirds could NOT have come at a better time. Thank you for making me feel light and fizzy when I really needed it! 


With that out of the way, I really have to talk about how much I loved Pippa! I totally felt like we could have been best friends if she weren't, um, you know, a fictional character. She was such a likeable character and her narration was absolutely HILARIOUS and totally spot on. Finally, a teen that sounds like a teen! 

There wasn't much character development in The Rule of Thirds since it was such a short book but I felt it wasn't needed. This, to me, seemed more plot-driven than character-driven and again, for 196 pages, a very simple straightforward storyline is enough to carry the story which was wholly enjoyable! Let me tell you, this book was a real page-turner! Even despite the bad parts...

Namely, Pippa's best friend Dace who was SO annoying and SUCH a bad example for Pippa. See, Dace has this idea that dating two guys at the same time is totally fine, and even more so when they're both jerks. You do not know how much I wanted to punch this girl in the brains! No, Dace, NO. Cheating is not right, ever. Not even when they're jerks! But obviously, she doesn't get that because she sprouts up a line like this:

"I couldn't settle on just one. I guess I like my bikinis like I like my boys. Two at a time," she says, laying her towel on her lounge chair. (88)

And then there's Ben Baxter whom I might have disliked even MORE than Dace, if that's even possible. He was a jerk and it was clear right off the bat. Well, to everyone except for Pippa. Seriously, she should have noticed the signs and stayed away from him. Because see what happened to her when she didn't? He manipulated her and stole her pictures to win the competition. And she totally let him get away with it! That was so annoying. I felt like the book just wasn't complete because the whole Ben Baxter situation wasn't resolved!

I also wished for there to be more photography in this book. I'm currently in photography which has been really fun so I was excited to find out that this book was about a girl who loves photography! Going into this book, I thought there was going to be a much larger emphasis on that than there really was. Which taught me to really treasure the few moments where I got to see Pippa the photographer in action. I admit, I have learned a thing or two from her regarding pictures to take.

But never mind that because Dylan McCutter makes everything BETTER. He was such a sweetheart and if the amount of times Pippa thought of him was any indication, she totally should have just decided to be with him! I was rooting for Pippa and Dylan to make it and in the end, they did which made me really happy.

The Rule of Thirds by Chantel Guertin was a very cute book! I flipped through this one in a day! Pippa was a great narrator who was very funny too! I felt her voice was very authentic and she was someone I would totally want to be best friends with in real life! I also enjoyed Dylan, one of the love interests. He was such a cutie (though I may be a bit biased because we all know how I feel towards Dylan O'Brien...don't ask) and I have trouble understanding why Pippa did not go with him immediately because it was so obvious that he was the better of the two. Dace and Ben, I was not such a fan of but ultimately, everything else was too great for that to bring this book down! I don't have very much to say about this book other than that! It was great!

people searching for light and fast reads who like a cute romance in their stories. If you enjoy books by Elizabeth Eulberg and the like, I think you'll have fun with this!

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