Friday, July 11, 2014

When There's A Book Sale

Inspired by some of my favourite Tumblr blogs: justgirlythings, littlereasonstosmile, and littletswiftthings. I love looking at the mini-posts on these blogs because they brighten up my day so I thought I'd make a bookish version!

When There's A Book Sale

Let's face it: books are expensive. They really, really are. Nowadays, books are usually anywhere from $10 to $20 each and sometimes, you'll even find prices reaching $30 and beyond.

How is a bookworm expected to satisfy their hunger for books with prices like that?

I mean, there is always the library but borrowing your favourite book is nothing compared to owning your favourite book. Because let's be honest here, we will always buy books even if they are $30. Books are just too fabulous to stay away from. Which is why I thank the book lords every single time I come upon a book sale for thinking of me and my wallet and being kind enough to allow me to pick up a few books without majorly breaking the bank. 

Which definitely makes me feel a lot like David Tennant up there: extremely happy (okay wait now that I've stared at it for a couple minutes, I don't know if he actually looks happy? Huh.) but almost kinda unbelieving, like is this really happening. Because it's not every day you find sales and when you do, you almost don't believe your eyes. Or maybe that's just me, being surrounded by Chapters and Indigos that seem to almost NEVER have discounts or sales. But when they do, OH MAN. It's like Christmas all over again for me. 

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