Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life of a Blogger (4): Tattoos

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This week, we're talking about... tattoos.

Okay wow, I haven't done a Life of A Blogger in a heck of a long time! I've been meaning to do them more regularly because I do love the topics and think they're so much fun. I might start catching up on them in the weeks to come. But anyway I thought I would jump in for this week since I didn't really have anything scheduled (haha, when do I ever have things scheduled?) and I have thought about tattoos in the past.

So first of all, I guess I should start with whether or not I have any tattoos? No, I don't. I think you have to be of a certain age to get them, right? Like 16 or 18? And I'm 14 so I'm not quite there yet. Also, I'm extremely doubtful that my parents would allow me to get a tattoo right now even if I could. I'm not sure if they would even when I'm 18 and am technically an adult. They're not too keen on the idea of tattoos but I'm hoping that if they're small and in less obvious places, they might relent.

I'm HOPING for that because I would like to get tattoos one day. Nothing big or extravagant and nothing with colour. I just want something tiny and sweet. I've kinda thought about getting a tattoo in all different parts of my body: my ankle, the inside of my wrist, on my finger, on my rib, behind my ear, and on my nape. But I don't think that's all going to happen. I feel like I like the look of tattoos but could probably not deal with the commitment. I mean, I know I could always undergo laser surgery to take them off but I might as well just not go through all that hassle just to do that. I wish there was like a tattoo kit where you could draw on tattoos that look real but are temporary.

Anyway, the only place I know I would want a tattoo there FOR SURE is my nape. Like, directly under my hairline. I'm not super certain what I want yet but I think I want the number seven in Roman numerals. And I think that might be the only tattoo I'd ever get because it's the only one I feel certain about. The other ones, I'm more iffy on and I also don't really know what to get there though I do have a Pin board with examples and they're all so cute!

Follow Annie's board inked. on Pinterest.

So yeah... that's about all I have on this topic! Feel free to link your posts in the comments below and tell me whether you have tattoos and if not, if you would like to get any!

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