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[MINI REVIEW] Burn for Burn & Fire With Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Burn for Burn #1
Published September 18, 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Paperback, 358 pages
Borrowed from library

Because the third and final book in this series is coming out very soon, I thought I would finally get to reading the Burn for Burn books which have been on my TBR ever since this first one came out. 

Burn for Burn centres around three girls named Lillia, Kat and Mary. They don't really know each other but they share one thing in common and that is they each have one person they'd like to act revenge upon. So the three of them come up with three separate schemes to get back at their respective target and agree to help each other out with them.

I definitely felt like this book had a bit of a Pretty Little Liars vibe but instead of being placed in the victims' shoes, we got to see everything from the instigators which was really interesting! Some of the acts went a bit too far in my opinion and honestly if I could, I would have jumped straight into the book and talked some sense to the girls! But that really didn't have an impact on my overall enjoyment. I still really, really loved this book. Burn for Burn was the first book for me in a long while that really captured me and I didn't want to put it down at all!

There were a few things, of course, that I would have liked to see. For instance, more fleshed-out characters. I don't feel like the characters were all that well-developed in this book and I feel like if they had some more dimension, it would have made the story a lot more interesting! There also seemed to be, at the very end, a bit of supernatural/paranormal activity which was a bit confusing because I didn't see it coming at all and it isn't explained at all but I expect it to be touched more on in the sequel. 

Overall though, Burn for Burn was really enjoyable. I had such a fun time reading it!


Burn for Burn #2
Published August 13, 2013 by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 517 pages
Borrowed from library


After reading Burn for Burn, I had to pick this book up immediately. If you've read Burn for Burn, you'd know it ends on a kinda cliffhanger. We see Mary taking out revenge on her target, Reeve who, under a variety of different circumstances, gets injured and hospitalized. Which sucks majorly because that means he can't play football any more which is nearly his entire being. But Mary still isn't satisfied and wants to hurt him even more, add insult to injury (literally) so when she finds out that Reeve has a thing for our other gal, Lillia, Mary pleads with her to get Reeve to fall in love with her so she can break his heart. 

Obviously, there's a lot more of a romance element in this book than there was in Burn for Burn but I actually really enjoyed it. I LOVE fake relationships for reasons I won't say here because it could spoil you (though it's predictable enough that you would be able to guess without even reading) and the one in Fire with Fire was no different. The best thing about the fake relationship was that it allowed us to get a better understanding of Reeve's character. I can't tell you how much I disliked him in Burn for Burn and while I tried to hate him in this book (because all things considered, what he did was so BEYOND shitty) I just couldn't! Honestly, I kinda loved him. There's so much more to his character in this book than Burn for Burn and I loved that. It was the same thing with Rennie. In Burn for Burn, she was just depicted as the bad guy and there wasn't anything more on her character but in this book, it was totally different. Like Reeve, there was a lot more substance to her and depth which made everything a lot more interesting!

And I just have to mention this: Kat is freaking awesome. I seriously wish Kat would be my best friend. She's fabulous. And though I know I SHOULD feel bad for Mary, I don't. I actually think she's my least favourite character and given the ickiness of Rennie, that's saying a lot. But yeah, I don't like her one bit.

But anyway, I loved this book and enjoyed it so much more than Burn for Burn. Which was great but pales slightly in comparison to this. Cannot wait for the third book now! There are so many things I want to see happen in the third book and while I'm super pumped up for it, I'm also super scared because I feel like SHIT'S GOING TO GO DOWN and I'm not ready for that. Talk to me if you've read these books and we can cry over the anticipation of the third book together!

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