Monday, December 23, 2013

The Hunger Games Survey Pt. 2

Finally, part 2 of the Hunger Games survey is released! If you missed Part 1 with my wonderful introduction, you can read it by clicking this link. 

And again, credits for this amazing survey go to Jasmine at Flip That Page. Go send her some love!

District 1
Cashmere & Gloss
(Favourite fictional siblings)
Jasmine made such great choices for her survey so I must, once again, agree with her answer for this. Nothing can beat the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter series! Nothing!

District 2
(Favourite bad-boy character)
The first name that popped into my mind was Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and I guess he counts right? He's a pretty cheeky lad and judging from how everyone is talking about the amount of girls he's screwed, he mustn't be very 'good', if you know what I mean.

District 3
Beetee & Wiress
(Favourite genius/geeky character)
Okay, so I have to agree with Jasmine once again. Cricket from the Lola and the Boy Next Door totally takes this title. I was thinking Hermione but I might save her for another category... ANYWAY, Cricket was a really awesome character and I just absolutely loved him. Read the book now if you haven't!

District 4
Finnick Odair
(Favourite swoon-worthy character)
I was going to pick Noah Shaw again but then, I remembered freaking Roger from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. How can you not like the guy? Great taste in music, funny, smart and not too hard on the eyes either. But what I loved most about Roger was he was an actual freaking human being and not some idolized Adonis. There's a guy I can actually imagine existing in reality.

District 5
(Favourite mysterious character)
Hmm, this one is tough but thinking back to all the characters I've had questions about, the one that sticks out the most to me is Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road. Still don't really have a great grasp on him even though I absolutely ADORED him while I was reading Jellicoe.

District 6
The Morphlings
(Favourite secondary character)
Finnick Odair from Catching Fire! Such a memorable character and every scene he was in was so exciting to read about!

District 7
Johanna Mason
(Favourite female character)
Georgia Nicholson from the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series. Words can't even express how much I loved this girl and to be honest, I still use all her lingo to this day! Can never get enough of saying nuddy pants or nunga nungas.

District 11
(Favourite fictional kid)
I seriously can't think of anybody so I'm just going to cop out and say Eleanor & Park because I remember there were children and I'm sure they were cute because all children are cute.

District 12
Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark
(Favourite fictional couple)
Ew Jasmine, why do you force me to make such difficult choices??? There are SO many fictional couples I love, this is so hard. I think I'm going to say Noah and Allie from The Notebook because that's like the epitome of a perfect relationship right there and they're just so good together.

The Capitol
President Snow
(Favourite villain you want to kill)
Confession time: I secretly love all the villains and I don't know if I would want to kill any of them! I'd probably end up cackling with them anyway so I'm just going to say Peter from Divergent because he was a rude dude.

Do you agree with my choices? Tell me in the comments!

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