Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life of a Blogger (3): 101 Things I Love

Hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature designed to reveal more about the blogger outside of books and blogging.

This week, we're talking about... 101 things you love.

Life of a Blogger posts are one of my favourites to read because Jessi always comes up with such fun topics! I always like to try my best to participate just because I think it's a lot of fun but sometimes, that doesn't always happen due to REAL LIFE INTERFERENCE. Or... when I'm just being lazy. But this week's topic of 101 things you love was too fun to pass up on! I love making lists and I was in science learning about black holes when I started this list so it definitely helped kill some boredom! At first I thought 101 things was A LOT but now, looking back, I feel like it's too little. Regardless, brace yourselves because this is going to be a LONG list. In no particular order, these are the first 101 things I love that popped to mind.


1. My family
2. My friends
3. Blogging
4. Reading
5. Travelling
6. Chocolate
7. Dylan O'Brien (because he is the bae)
8. Mixtapes and playlists
9. Wearing perfume (because it makes me feel elegant and fancy. Plus, it disguises my sweat odour after Phys. Ed.)
10. Music
11. Christmas (because it is the best holiday)
12. Google (because what would I do without it?)
13. Marathoning movies
14. Watching popcorn pop (also, the smell of popcorn popping)
15. Sharpies (in all the colours. Also, Sharpie tattoos)
16. Top knots (because they're just so pretty and sophisticated. Mine aren't great but I've been improving!)
17. Craisins (eaten alone or sprinkled into some oatmeal)
18. Water balloon fights
19. Sleeping (this was a cop-out because who doesn't enjoy sleeping?)
20. Learning new things
21. Twitter
22. Musicals and plays (preferably seen live)
23. Impromptu dance parties
24. Shopping
25. Giving gifts (and receiving too, but giving is always so much fun because you get to see the other person's reaction! Unless they don't like what they've gotten...)
26. Roller coasters
27. Eating something great I made (I can't cook so when this happens, it's definitely something worth celebrating.)
28. Food Network (that channel is basically on 24/7.)
29. TLC (I just love reality shows, okay?)
30. Pretty stationary
31. Carrots (makes sense since I was born in the rabbit year.)
32. Being in the rain
33. Talking (some will say I talk too much, and too loudly)
34. Iceland
35. Pottery
36. Blank notebooks
37. My iPod (I have two, they're both super old but I love them to death.)
38. Jelly beans (especially the ones in fun flavours like BARF. Just kidding. Well, only partially.)
39. Starbucks (need any recs for what to get? I have tons!)
40. Crime shows (ie. Criminal Minds, Castle, Motive, Dateline Real Life Mysteries, 48 Hours, etc.)
41. Feeling like I've done something good for others/made a difference
42. Urban Outfitters
43. Feeling healthy
44. Finding someone with common interests
45. Birthdays (not just mine!)
46. Watching New Girl (regardless of how much worse it's gotten. Old habits die hard, I guess. Not that it's been a show for that long but...)
47. Coffee (anything but straight black though)
48. Animals
49. Watching award shows and critiquing fashion choices
50. Painting walls
51. Popping bubble wrap (my grandmother loves this too! No joke, she has a pile of wrap in her room that she pops for relaxation!)
52. Singing in the shower
53. Makeup
54. Cheesecake
55. Worn-in jeans
56. Pinterest
57. Making people smile and laugh
58. Nail polish
59. Root beer floats
60. Being in the snow (until it turns into gray slush.)
61. Keds
62. Getting dressed up
63. Swimming in lakes
64. Making lists
65. Ice cream (especially mint-chip and cherry.)
66. Tumblr
67. Rom-coms
68. Cookies
69. Gel pens
70. Feeling included
71. Stripes and polka dots
72. Bubble tea (I find Bubbletease has the best original Iced Milk Bubble Tea with Black Tea, but Ten Ren's has great flavours!)
73. Watching Youtube videos
74. Bath + Body Works (I always walk out of there smelling amazing. Cashmere Glow & Japanese Cherry Blossom are my favourite lines!)
75. Not having to get out of my pajamas
76. Tim Horton's (holla for the Canadian spirit!)
77. The smell of books
78. Dreaming about my future
79. Watching hockey
80. Stuffed animals (I have too many.)
81. Doing well on an assignment/test
82. Getting mail (excluding bills and flyers, of course because those aren't fun.)
83. Noodles and pasta
84. Campfires (brings back such great memories! Aside from when my eyes were irritated by the smoke.)
85. Karaoke (Dancing Queen is my specialty!)
86. Sleepovers
87. Excel Winterfresh Mint Gum
88. Plants and flowers (especially daffodils, daisies and ferns.)
89. Chipotle (especially their chicken burritos. Yum.)
90. Freshly washed blankets (because they're great to snuggle in.)
91. The sound of cellos
93. Taking a nice, long bath to unwind
94. Being Canadian
95. Having no homework to do
96. The colour blue
97. The feeling after a great workout (not that it happens so much to me because ha, working out.)
98. Hiking
99. My computer (makes me sound like I'm too attached but it's true. I don't know what I'd do without my computer, and Internet!)
100. Werther's Originals candies (but really any candy is fine by me.)
101. Hugs (because they're just awesome.)

And that's my list! That took longer than I thought it would, but it was super fun trying to come up with things that I liked. It was a lot easier than expected but I'm not sure how next week's topic (101 Things You Hate) is going to go because I can't think of anything I really hate? Anyway, tell me in the comments what some of the things you love are and we'll have a little chat! 

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