Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A BookTube Introduction: 5 BookTubers I Love!

Then, I had 60 videos in my Watch Later playlist on YouTube. Today, I have 107 videos. I KNOW, I'M CRAZY. I'm subscribed to over 200 channels of all sorts, but I have to say one of my favourite YouTube communities is that of the BookTubers! Which is what I want to talk about today! 

In the two years I've been blogging, I'm definitely seeing a rise in BookTube and just YouTube as a whole. I remember back in 2009 when the only thing I would use YouTube for was to search up music videos and listen to music. And while there were a handful of YouTubers who did start their channels way back then, there are SO many more starting up channels each day now. 

But moving back to BookTube... I'm fairly sure it was basically non-existent when I started blogging two years ago. And now there are so many people on BookTube! Even though I am not an active participant in the BookTube community, I do watch from the sidelines and keep up with all of the videos. And since I've definitely noticed a rise in BookTubers and its increasing popularity, I thought that I would share some BookTubers that I really enjoy watching. 

Many of you are most likely already loving and watching their videos but in the off chance you aren't, here's your time to check them out! They're all extremely fabulous!

(Yes, there are only 5! I thought that was a nice, round number but since I have SO many BookTubers I love, if this goes well, I might make another one!)

Jesse was one of the first BookTubers I discovered and he is just the BOMB DIGGITY. He seems like such a nice and friendly person and I always seem to laugh tons whenever I watch his videos. Which, by the way, are wonderfully filmed and superbly edited. And the lighting is amazing. And everything is just AMAZING.

2. NovellaZoo

Novella Zoo is a channel that was recently started but it's quickly become one of my favourites. And I'm not sure what her name is because I don't think it's ever been said but LET ME BE BEST FRIENDS WITH YOU PLEASE. Seriously, she just looks like such a cool person and she's hilarious! Plus all her tops are fabulous. And hurrah for being a hockey fan and Canadian (though, often, those two go hand in hand)!

3. Christine from PolandBananasBooks

Christine was the VERY FIRST BookTuber I ever found. I remember watching a video of hers after a book blogger tweeted about her. She's just such an amazing BookTuber and watching her videos always make me so happy. She's very outgoing and enthusiastic and it's definitely contagious! Her reviews are also really great and analytical and while I often have not read the book so can't stay for the entire video, when I do, it's always really fun to see what Christine thinks. She has such a great online personality that it actually feels like I'm having a conversation with her about the book in real life!

4. Regan from PeruseProject

Regan is another one of my absolute favourite BookTubers! She always has such wonderful ideas and great book recommendations. Seeing a new video from her in my subscriptions just makes my day. And I'm in total admiration of how much thought she puts into each of her videos - and also how absolutely gorgeous she looks with a red lip (which always seems to make me look like a clown). She seems so sweet and she likes Bastille so go check her out!

5. Sophia from TheBookBasement

I may just be a tad obsessed with Sophia's bookshelves. I mean, come on, LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES. And also, her glasses. They're the cutest. But in all seriousness, Sophia's videos are the greatest. I love her for her reviews: they're so thoughtful and in-depth. Usually, book reviews are my least favourite videos in BookTube but I love watching all of Sophia's reviews, regardless of whether or not I've read the book. She's fab. 

And those are my five BookTuber recs for you! Tell me in the comments what BookTubers you enjoy watching. Do you also notice the popularity of BookTube now? And are you thinking of starting up a channel? Or maybe you already have! In which case, link it down below so I can see. Spill your hearts out, children!

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