Monday, March 10, 2014

Too Many Books, So Little Time

Inspired by some of my favourite Tumblr blogs: justgirlythings, littlereasonstosmile, and littletswiftthings. I love looking at the mini-posts on these blogs because they brighten up my day so I thought I'd make a bookish version!

Too Many Books, So Little Time

It's the harsh truth bookworms have to face: there are just simply too many books to read and not enough time to do so. Your brain can only process so many books in one day while the number of ones you add to your TBR can be exorbitantly high. It's a lost cause from the very start even when you're reading as much as you can. There's just no winning! Not even when you lock yourself from the outside world and hide in your bedroom reading for days and days. 

Because, well, books are addictive. Once you start reading and discovering the magic of books, you can't stop. But come on, do we really want to stop? Let's all count on our hands how many awesome places we've been to, how many super cool people we've met, how many battles we've fought with some badass heroes...and all through books! 

And as bookish people, we only know too well how great books can be. We want MORE but unfortunately, our grubby hands will never be able to get to all of them. If you're anything like me, you probably have a seemingly unending TBR list that only seems to grow bigger by each day. If you're anything like me, you've probably already come to terms with the fact that you won't be able to get to all of them. All the amazing books that you might not even be able to get to! And even worse, the amazing books that you don't even KNOW about that could very well blow your mind if you did read it. 

Sigh, the hard things readers have to go through.

But this goes with everything else. There'll be more things you'll want to do than you'll ever have time for. I believe that as long as you're enjoying what you're doing now and continue doing that, then that's amazing. Because hey, you could miss out on some really great books but you could also miss out on some REALLY BAD books that you'll be thankful you've never read. Ultimately, I wish (and maybe you too) wish that I could read every single awesome book but that's just impractical. If I'm enjoying my books now, then great! All I need to do is to continue to read and chat about books and HAVE FUN.

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