Friday, March 21, 2014

Annie's Ultimate Playlist (1)

Yes, another feature! When I went to write this month's Reflect & Renew post, I just felt like all my music was taking over it and the focus wasn't as much on the blog and what I was reading and doing as it was on the music. I thought that it would be better to share the songs I'm currently loving in a totally separate post which frees up Reflect & Renew PLUS allows me to share so many more songs! I'm kind of thinking this will just be a sporadic post, like whenever I have a bunch of music, I'll just write one up so I'm not sticking to any schedule with this. At the very least, I think I'd have one post a month.

Starting with this month, March! March is not over yet but already, it has not been the most fun and exciting month I've had. A lot of work and stress and I think I've gained like ten new wrinkle lines from frowning so much. (Also why I haven't posted in a week and haven't responded to any comments. Sorry, sorry! Will get on it soon) Which is why a lot of the songs I listened to this month are very upbeat and happy. Trust me, I needed it. So without further ado, my picks for March!

There She Goes//The La's
I think this was definitely one of my most played songs this month but honestly, it's so catchy and fun that you can't NOT enjoy it. Or at least, I can't not enjoy it. 

Let's Get It On//Marvin Gaye
I was playing this song the other day and my dad started jamming with me. I think he was thirty or twenty when this song came out so it's definitely been with him for a really long time and me, as a result. It's just one of those classic songs that never fail to make the day brighter. 

Come On Get Higher//Matt Nathanson
Such a sweet song! But whenever I hear this, I think of a Sunday morning making pancakes in a lakeside cottage. Weird...

Rhythm of Love//Plain White T's
I haven't listened to the Plain White T's in AGES (Hey There Delilah, anyone?) so it was interesting to dig this song back up again. Exactly what I needed too!

Primadonna//Marina & The Diamonds
The first time I listened to Marina & The Diamonds I think I was very judgemental. Now though, with my taste changing and expanding, I've actually come to love Marina very much and this is one of my favourite songs!

Want U Back//Cher Lloyd
This is just one of those songs where I'd want to put on full-blast and dance and sing along to it forever. So much fun!

Die In Your Arms//Justin Bieber
Putting on Justin Bieber always manages to make me smile like a goof and this song isn't any different! Personally I think this is one of his better songs. And on a side note, the covers for this song are amazing as well! Check out Madilyn Bailey's and Ariana Grande's!

(I Can't) Forget About You//R5
Sometimes when I pop into Family Channel (usually to catch the latest episode of The Next Step) I usually find myself stuck on their Fam Jams where they play one music video. It's kind of a nostalgic moment for me because it was this where I first discovered Jesse McCartney, Hilary Duff and the Jonas Brothers but for the most part, I always find myself really bored of their songs because they play the same five OVER AND OVER. But whenever they play THIS song, I immediately start wanting to dance. It doesn't even matter if it's on like ten thousand times a day. I will INSIST on dancing every time.

Drunk In Love//Beyonce ft. Jay-Z
I've never been a HUGE Beyonce fan. Like I do like her music and really admire her but none of her songs have ever instantly clicked with me. Except for this one. I can't stop listening to it!

Flake//Jack Johnson
Love this song, especially the bridge!

Chariot//Gavin DeGraw
I've been stumbling upon a lot of Gavin DeGraw's music lately and this is one of my favourite finds!

Happy//Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack
I think out of all the people at the theatre, I was the one who enjoyed the movie the most. I really really liked it and when I heard this song playing, I didn't know what it was then but just remembered that it really suited Gru's vibe. And now, it's being played on every single radio and I couldn't be happier because this song makes me so HAPPY whenever I hear it.

Work//Iggy Azalea
I don't really listen to rap that often so this is a pretty rare occurrence but Work is really good. Trust me. 

AAAND that's it. I know that's a LOT of music for March but hopefully you guys find some really great songs to listen to. And because you can never have too many songs, why don't you share some of your current favourites in the comments below? 

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