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The 1989 Ask Anything Tag

As a lot of you probably know, I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. Honestly, I don't even think huge begins to cover it? And this year, with the release of 1989 and what seems to be like a more grown-up, mature and confident Taylor, my love for her has only grown. She's just so talented and admirable and adorable and cute and funny and I CAN'T EVEN WITH HER.

So, when I saw this tag on Charlotte's Web (a lovely lifestyle blog you should follow) there wasn't any question that it was going to be my next post. Note that this was originally created by Mark!

And yes, I did sing the corresponding song loudly and obnoxiously while answering these questions. How could I not? And no, my parents were not alarmed because this is basically what a typical day in our household has been like for the past month since 1989 was released. It's all day, every day.

1. Welcome to New York: If you could live in any city, which would it be and why?

I'm the type of person who is put off and afraid of change, which is probably why I cannot imagine myself living anywhere other than Toronto. Although I do have this intense yearning to travel the world and visit new places, I do not have any urge to ever pack up my bags and bid goodbye to Toronto forever and live somewhere entirely new. It's not like Toronto is amazing though it is the perfect size and has everything I could ever possibly need, but it's... home. And it's familiar. And I think I'd have a tough time leaving that. Most likely I'll probably leave for university and then I might jump around after that and explore but I think I'll always end up back in Toronto and I don't really have a desire to live anywhere else.

But just to humour you, I guess I'd pick New York or Paris or London if I could live anywhere else. Though honestly, I'd probably get fed up after two weeks and book a flight back straight to Toronto. But in theory, I might want to live there.

Sorry. That answer wasn't very fun.

2. Blank Space: What is something that everyone thinks is true about you but is actually false?

I think a lot of people have this perception of me that I am perpetually happy and cheerful and loud. Like I'm always giggling and nice and squealing and essentially, a giant five year old. Which isn't a totally unfair judgement because I am all those things but perhaps not to the extent that some seem to think? Like I'm also always exhausted and moody and angry and ranty and pissed off. I'm also really awkward and shy in new uncomfortable social situations. My tongue gets into knots and I don't know what to say because I'm just OVERTHINKING everything whereas with people I know, it comes by a lot more comfortably. But then conversely, I think that people I don't know as well, who I've just met have this perception that I'm really quiet and shy which I can be but not after I really get to know you. And I think people also don't expect me to swear? Because I've gotten some surprised reactions after I say fuck or shit like ten times in a row. And also that I'm always goofing off and never serious. But I guess that sorta relates to what I said before.

3. Style: What is one item in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable?

Probably my high waisted skinny jeans that I actually wear MUCH too often but I just love them so much? Like they fit me so nicely (besides the fact that they're a bit too long) and they rise to just the right height and THEY'RE JUST SO NICE. Also I love my Keds even though they're falling apart a bit and I HATE to admit it but I actually really love my ankle boots? Technically they're my mum's from the eighties and I wore them once on a rainy day because they're leather and I didn't have anything else that was waterproof like that except for my runners and at first, I totally despised them but now... they've grown on me. I also rather like this black sweater I have and this v-neck that I never wear because it's too big but is actually so comfortable and makes me feel like "fun and cool girl" when I'm lying on my bed watching TV. Also when I'm wearing my best bra. Is that too weird to say but you know how (assuming we're all female here) you have that one bra (or maybe more than one) that's like really good and nice so whenever you put it on, you immediately feel like you're ready to kick the day in its behind? Or maybee it's just me...

4. Out of the Woods: What is one thing that you're afraid of?

Pigeons. Which is quite unfortunate because the streets of Toronto are filled with pigeons. And there's this one alley I know that is always filled with flocks and flocks of pigeons that are so fat because they just hang around eating all the food that people leave out. SO GROSS. I hate pigeons almost as much I'm scared of them. Whenever there's a pigeon in my way, I always take pains to avoid it and step around it because I don't want to bug it. And if there's a pigeon flying straight at me, I'll also move out and maybe duck too.

I'm also really afraid of change as I've already mentioned. I don't want things to change and just thinking about my future and how DIFFERENT everything could be scares me. I don't want to adjust to change, I just want everything to stay the same.

I'm also scared of being alone, like having everyone I love die and then being left by myself. That scares me as well.

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay: Who is someone you wish was still in your life?

My grandfather died when I was 7 and I wish he was still here just so I could get to know him better. I wasn't really hit hard by his death because I was so young and had yet to understand what was going on and no one really bothered to explain it to me but also because I didn't really know him. But from what I've heard, he was a really great man and so I wish he was still here to get to know him now that I'm older.

And besides my grandfather, I guess I also wish some of my old friends were still in my life? And yeah... that's it. I've only been alive for fifteen years which isn't that much so my list obviously isn't very extensive.

6. Shake It Off: What is something you have had to shake off?

When I get bad marks, I tend to get really disappointed so I need to learn how to shake it off. Also the fact that things won't always go my way and will not always be like how I expect them to be. And I'm always, always shaking off insecurity and other things my brain likes to nag me about. Sometimes, I get into REALLY REALLY bad and unhealthy mental states so I need to shake that off as well.

7. I Wish You Would: What is something you'd like to happen right now?

I'd rather like my dad to surprise me now with Chipotle takeout. And maybe also Taylor Swift at my door with batches of yummy cookies and pastries. And a bunch of other things but then you'd probably think I was selfish and materialistic and horrible so I'll stop now.

8. Bad Blood: Have you ever had someone stab you in the back?

Hmm, in all honesty I think I've probably stabbed people in the back more times than others have stabbed me in the back. I was NOT a nice or good person when I was younger or even like two years ago. Those things are probably some of my biggest regrets and I've been trying to be a better person and I'd like to think that I have come a longgg way from second grade or third grade or even fourth grade and seventh grade. There are still times when I know I'm being rude or mean but in general, I haven't done anything really really horrible like I have in the past. But I'm still continuing to strive to be just a better person in general.

9. Wildest Dreams: What would you like to be remembered for?

I'd like to be remembered for my kindness and humour and intelligence and just ALL GOOD THINGS that I don't actually possess and doubt I will ever possess.

10. How You Get The Girl: What is your favourite pick-up line?

I don't think any of the standard pick up lines are ever successful, are they? Honestly I don't know. I know a lot of Harry Potter ones and just random ones but I don't know if I would encourage anyone to actually use them and I don't know if I'd appreciate them being used on me. Partly because they're also really dirty. So yeah... I'll just leave this blank because I don't know what to say.

11. This Love: What is something you got back that you never thought you would?

One time I lost a marker on a school bus and I was SO wrecked by it because I just hate losing anything and I really did not think that I was ever going to get it back but then the next day, the driver handed it to me. Also that time I lost one of my mittens and that time I lost a library book. Do you notice a trend here?

12. I Know Places: Where is one place you always feel safe?

My home. And maybe also the homes of other people that I'm close with. Also planes make me feel very safe and so do hotels.

13. Clean: What is an important lesson you have learned in life, and how did you learn it?

I have learned so many lessons over the years but probably the most important one I've learned is to be an honest person. And that lying usually only causes more trouble for you (though I still lie a lot but not in serious situations. Mostly just in situations where I figure it doesn't matter if I lie. It probably still isn't good). And how you should also try not to lie to yourself. That's something my mum says a lot that admittedly, I still don't fully understand but I try to remember it. And this lesson has gotten repeated to me over and over in my life but usually it has to do with lying about something bad I've done to get out of trouble.

OK that's the tag! I feel like I got REALLY, REALLY personal when answering these questions. Probably the most personal I've ever gotten... Yikes! Now it's your turn: pick one question (or multiple) to answer in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

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