Friday, April 25, 2014

Reasons Why Lara Jean & I Could Be BFFs

I've been reading a HECK LOAD of books recently and one that I was super over the moon about - and still am - is To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I have been SO excited for this book ever since it first popped up on Goodreads. I even had it in one of my Bookish Radar posts! So when I got my hands on a copy and read through the entire thing, I was so happy to feel that I wasn't a bit disappointed at all.

One of my favourite things about the book was the main character, Lara Jean. While a bit naive and childish at times, she just had this totally fun and optimistic outlook on life that really emanated from the pages. Seriously one of the cutest and coolest characters I have ever read about! The whole time I was reading this book, I was just like
"OMG this girl needs to be a real person so I can hang out with her because we could so totally be BFFs. PLEASE."
And here are some reasons why Lara Jean is clearly my kindred spirit (and vice versa).

1. You love to bake yummy cookies and cupcakes!
I 100% cannot bake. It's too much of an exact science for me to excel at it. Also ovens confuse me, so there's that. But even though I can't bake ON MY OWN, if someone else was super good at baking, I could most definitely do my part if they give me instructions. And Lara Jean is a great baker. Throughout this book, she's whipping up multiple batches of scrumptious desserts and while they all sound so complicated to make, I'm sure I'd have no problem mixing ingredients or rolling out dough. In fact, baking with someone is one of my favourite things to do! Usually, I do it with my nana but if Lara Jean and I were friends, we could do it together! And then of course, eat everything once we're done too!

2. You love clothes and have a great sense of style!
It's pretty evident that Lara Jean loves clothes and dressing up from all the descriptions of what she's wearing in this book. And that is AMAZING because I love clothes and dressing up too though unfortunately, my closet doesn't seem to be as vast as Lara Jean's is and I don't explore as much as she does. But I am open to new things and her FLORAL BABYDOLL DRESS.

3. You love shopping!
I don't think you can enjoy clothes and dressing up without liking shopping. It's just not a thing. And even though I think Lara Jean gets most of her clothes off a Japanese street website (see how much I know about her?), I'm pretty sure she wouldn't complain if we went on a shopping trip together. Oh my gosh, how fun would that be? Oooh, and we could even go on a hunt together to find the cutest vintage clothing! YES PLEASE.

4. You're a Harry Potter fan!
For Halloween, Lara Jean dresses up as Cho Chang and reprimands someone for not reading the entire Harry Potter series and I was just like, "yeah, go girl!". And while I don't agree that the Prisoner of Azkaban was the best out of all seven, I would love for someone to be totally down with marathoning the entire series with me again and then watching all the movies.

5. You like rom coms!
I remember way in the beginning when Lara Jean admits to liking rom coms and since I LIVE to find the quintessential rom com, Lara Jean and I could totally have a movie night and just watch all the rom coms ever.

6. You'd be cool with talking about boys with me!
Now this is a bit of a leap because I'm not sure if Lara Jean actually would but all things considered, I think Lara Jean would be great at gushing over boys with me and then crying over them and then overanalyzing everything with me. And that is obviously a very important quality in a friend.

7. You're a bit dreamy-eyed like me!
I love to dream about all the things I want to do in life and make up fantasies starring me actually doing those things. And from the very beginning, Lara Jean appears to be in the same boat as I am with dreaming about being in Paris. Which by the way, Lara Jean, is definitely a place I would come with to visit!

8. You're just a fabulous person through and through: sweet, kind, caring, quirky and genuine!
This is why Lara Jean is one of my favourite characters ever and why I really would love to be her best friend. She's just such an authentic character and so lovely. It's kinda hard to imagine why anyone would NOT want to be her best friend because she has great qualities in her that make her seem really fun to hang out with. And yeah, there are some things that maybe aren't so great about her but all in all, Lara Jean is a pretty damn good person.
So that's my list of reasons why Lara Jean and I could be best friends! After thinking up of all the ideas, I only want to be friends with her even MORE. There needs to be a real life Lara Jean. Seriously.

And seriously, if you have not read To All the Boys I've Loved Before yet, I highly recommend that you do so! You probably can't tell or anything... but I really enjoyed this book! And if you want to hear more about what I thought, my review will be going up in the next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Now tell me, based on the reasons I gave for why Lara Jean and I could be BFFs, do you think YOU and Lara Jean could be best friends? Also, have you read this book?? If you have, tell me so we can have a little chat about this book because I need someone to talk to! Gah, the sequel is so farrr away! 

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