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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
Published April 23, 2013 by The Dial Press
Hardcover, 446 pages
Borrowed from library

Lottie has been happily with her boyfriend Richard for a while and when he tells her he has a surprise for her, she just knows he's going to propose! FINALLY, she thinks. But it turns out that the surprise isn't a proposal at all. Still grappling with the shock of not being engaged, Lottie jumps at the chance to marry Ben, an old flame, when he calls her. Fliss, Lottie's sister knows that her decision to marry Ben is simply out of the pain she felt of not being engaged. To protect Lottie from getting herself into BIG trouble, Fliss comes up with a master plan to keep Ben and Lottie away on their honeymoon.

Sophie Kinsella has wormed her way back to my heart! I wasn't too impressed with her other books I've read of late but Wedding Night really restored my love for Sophie Kinsella. It's not the best book she's ever written but it is very enjoyable and totally wacky and hilarious. 

At first, I had some trouble with Fliss meddling with her sister Lottie's marriage just because I don't think Fliss is right to do so just because she's worried and is the bigger sister. As the book progressed, this became a smaller problem for me with the introduction of Lorcan, Ben's friend. Lorcan was a great person to keep Fliss in check and it made me happy to see him telling her off about what she was doing. It made Fliss seem less like a heartless jerk and more like a caring sister. Even though I still didn't entirely support what she was doing.

One of my favourite parts in this book was Lottie and Fliss' relationship. I love reading about sisters because I do not have a sister and really want one. Lottie and Fliss' relationship is exactly what I wish I had! They were just so good together and you could feel the love. It was another reason why it didn't bug me so much that Fliss was getting into Lottie's business because I just knew that it was out of sisterly love and that she really really cared about not having Lottie make a mistake and not be able to come back from it.

And while I honestly didn't really care for Lottie and Richard (I always thought he seemed a bit daft), I absolutely gobbled up all the Lorcan and Fliss scenes! I wished there were more in this book. In fact, I wish that the entire novel was centered around Lorcan and Fliss! How fun would that be? They were just so good together and man, how I wished that they were the ones to get married instead of Richard and Lottie! 

I really enjoyed this book but it's no surprise! Sophie Kinsella has always been a go-to author for me when I need cheering up and Wedding Night definitely did not fail to do that. I absolutely loved the storyline and all the characters. Props to Kinsella for trying something new with the dual perspective which worked rather well! Very fun novel with major crossover appeal for teens. 

people who want a fun time! Wedding Night has the humor, nice writing, and great characters to keep you satisfied. In general, if you're a fan of Kinsella, this is right up your alley (duh!).

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