Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Ideas Have Fell Into a Well

Have you guys ever had trouble thinking of ideas for your blog? 

Because I KNOW I can't be the only one yet with each blog I visit, I just stand in awe because of how cool and great their blog is and how the bloggers NEVER seem to run out of interesting ideas for their blog. It's hard enough for me to stick to a schedule and blog consistently without having a total lack of ideas for posts. That's when I really feel like I've hit a dead end with my blog.

Recently, I've been posting more personal posts that have less to do with books. I'm not sure if you guys like it but I enjoy writing them a LOT so a couple of days ago, I decided I would start a more personal blog that isn't so book-centric, that would be my new space to chat and rave about all those other things I find so interesting. But what happened was that I felt like I had no more ideas for this blog. While those more personal, non bookish ideas don't necessarily make up the bulk of my published posts, they do make up the bulk of my ideas for The Runaway Reader. And now that I'm starting a new blog for those posts, I just feel like I have nothing to post here (except for a couple of reviews), let alone anything creative.

It's a bit disheartening because at one point this year, I was jumping up and down with excitement because I had all these ideas for this blog and I was so excited to see what you guys would think and's like they've all disappeared.

So I have to ask you guys if you feel this too - feel that it's hard to be creative - and how you come up with ideas for your blog. How do you continually feed it with new fresh material? Because for me, it's a constant struggle. I just don't know HOW to come up with ideas and when I do happen to happen on them, I feel like it's already been done. Like there's no point in doing it because SO many bloggers have already beat me to it.

Do you feel the same way? Tell me in the comments!

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