Friday, November 8, 2013

I Need Help With GIFs!

Sometimes, there are certain trends with book bloggers that I can't help but take note of. I'm never EVER on the bandwagon when it comes to the blogosphere so I do tend to be very observant when it comes to what EVERYONE else is doing. It's usually to do with a book that everyone is reading and talking about, or a meme/event everyone's participating in. These usually disappear after a few weeks so I can easily go back to not remembering how super untrendy I am.

But then...there's GIFs. Those moving pictures that every darn blogger seems to use except for me. Every time I see them on a blog, I cry little internet tears because I cannot, for the life of me, understand how to use GIFs!

I mean, I get what they're used for and I agree that they help TONS in getting a blogger's point across but I just can't imagine how bloggers are able to obtain the exact GIF to exactly explain their feelings every single time. Do you guys have a secret reserve of cool and expressive GIFs I don't know about? Or do you just do a quick Tumblr/Google search? Because for me, that never works. I never get a GIF I feel sums up feelings well.

Take this instance, for example. The one and ONLY time I've ever used a GIF in one of my posts. I was trying to go for a happy dance, like a jumpy and screamy dance with perhaps a giant YESSS to accompany. And this was the best I could do:

That is SO not what I feel when I see someone with a rating system but it was the best thing I could find. Isn't that sad? Because everywhere I look, everyone has these great GIFs that are basically made for the blogger's post. Then, there's me. GIF newbie but still, surely I can do better than the Emperor's New Groove?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I've kind of stayed away from using GIFs since then and any time I attempt to, one search on Tumblr is enough to tell me that I still suck at finding GIFs. Now this is where this post comes in. I need YOUR wisdom to help me get my thing together. Seriously. Even though I may sound like I'm joking, I'm NOT. I really do want to learn the secrets of GIF-using and I know there's no one better to turn than you guys.

So tell me, if you use GIFs, how do you find GIFs to use in your posts? Do you Tumblr or Google search every time you need one or do you have a file of fun GIFs that you've accumulated over the days? How do you use GIFs? Do you include them in reviews or only in discussions? How do you know when to use GIFs? And do you like the idea of GIFs on a blog? So many questions but I NEED HELP!

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