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9 Authors I Want to Meet SO BADLY!

You know, sometimes I feel a little out of place in the blogging community just because I don’t really happen to go to author events all that often. I have trouble finding out about them and then when I do find out about them, they’re usually at super inconvenient times or places for me. So the stars have just never aligned for me to actually attend an author event. I’ve been to a few book festivals in the past but that was so long ago, I barely even remember who I saw (but I think Neil Pasricha was one of them). All this is basically to say that I really haven’t met any of my favourite authors. WHICH IS SO SAD because authors are just the best people and how cool would it be to meet the genius mastermind behind your favourite characters and stories??

These nine authors are not only some of my favourite authors but also they just seem like the coolest people ever which is why I would love to meet them given the chance to do so one day. BASICALLY this is my author wishlist, like all the authors I want to meet so super badly. (Also I just realized that all nine of these authors are women? That was not on purpose… But girl power, right?)

So in no particular order, the nine fabulous authors I’d give anything to meet…


I almost feel like this list would be a sham if I didn’t have the QUEEN on it. The person behind one of my favourite series of all time and some of the best characters I have read EVER. Seriously though, don’t you ever just sit back and think to yourself how complex Harry Potter truly is and how damn smart J.K. Rowling is for pulling all that out of her head? But in addition to being an incredibly intelligent and talented and kind person, she’s also the absolute COOLEST. Like I don’t know if you’ve seen her Twitter but she is always dropping TRUTHS. Like her response to the girl who tweeted about how she never perceived Dumbldedore as gay? Or when she replied to someone asking about Hogwarts letters and said that we all secretly got one? Or when she replied to Matthew Lewis about his photoshoot? Like BESIDES just being an amazing author already, J.K. Rowling goes out and becomes the best human also so you know, I don’t really know why you WOULDN’T want to meet her.


Okay so I’ve only read Open Road Summer by Emery Lord (although I did love that a whole lot and am already convinced she is going to be added to my favourite contemporary authors squad) but again, have you seen her Twitter? BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. I know this might be so creepy to say but every single time I see an Emery Lord tweet in my timeline, I just KNOW it’s going to be the best thing ever even without reading it because all her tweets are just GEMS. So even having not read all her work, I am already dying to meet Emery Lord because her coolness is just EMANATING from my computer screen and I can feel her cool vibes and just know she’s a fabulous person as well. I KNOW IT.


To be honest with you, Sarah Dessen and I have a little bit of a rocky relationship. There have been Dessens I’ve really really enjoyed that I even consider favourites but there have also been a lot of books that I haven’t enjoyed. But this does not, by any means, mean I am denying the talent of Sarah Dessen because she really does write some of the best YA contemporary ever (even if I haven’t loved all of them). Her stories are realistic and heartfelt and ALWAYS manage to successfully capture what it’s like to be a teenager and all that comes along with it – friendship, romance, family, etc etc. Sometimes, I still like to picture myself as an author (even though I haven’t written for like ten years and that dream is basically done for me) and when I do, I always end up imagining myself to hopefully be an author of the Sarah Dessen sort. Like the author who writes these amazing contemporaries that reflect the reality of life and teenhood. Who writes stories that are authentic and get people to want to shout, at the end of it all, about how much they loved the book. Which is what I did after reading The Truth about Forever and This Lullaby, two books that still remain one of my favourite books of all time EVER. And so for bringing those characters and their stories to my life, and many many other stories that brought me comfort and the assurance that yes there is someone out there who understands, who’s gone through what I’ve gone through even if it IS a fictional character, I will appreciate Sarah Dessen endlessly (and also why I NEED to meet her!!!).


Before you say anything, yes she counts as an author! Although yes I admit I just really want to meet Mindy Kaling regardless. I don’t love her TV show any more (although now that it has ended on cable TV at least, I am sad) but I love her. And I think she’s hilarious and so smart and just a wonderful person. MINDY, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, LET’S GET COFFEE TOGETHER AND CHAT!


Sarah, I need to meet you. Because THRONE. OF. GLASS. That series has made me a lover of fantasy once again. Like to be clear, I never had anything against fantasy except for a long time I always preferred contemporary to fantasy and though I still kinda do, reading Throne of Glass has reminded me of how awesome fantasy can be as well. I have never fallen in love with a series so fast and had so much fun reading a series so even though all the Throne of Glass books aren’t even out, I am firmly in the Sarah J. Maas fangirl squad and there really isn’t going to be anything moving me from my spot.


I love Jenny Han. Ever since I read Shug when I was 8, I have been a huge Jenny Han fan. Although I
didn’t super love the Summer I Turned Pretty series, I did really enjoy Burn for Burn and of course, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. And I don’t know, I just think Jenny seems like a really fabulous person as well. AGAIN, I MAY SOUND LIKE A STALKER HERE but from all the pictures I’ve seen on Twitter and blogs etc of her author events, she looks like she’s just always so put-together and has the cutest clothes ever. SHE JUST SEEMS LIKE THE CUTEST PERSON EVER OKAY.


Because Anna and the French Kiss is one of my favourite contemporary series EVER. I don’t think any further explanation is needed because that alone is enough.


The Raven Boys was a series I enjoyed a lot that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy and while I haven’t read her other books, I want to meet Maggie anyway (and there might be a pattern you see here) because I KNOW SHE IS THE COOLEST PERSON EVER. But from Tumblr as I follow her Tumblr and she just always has the best responses to questions. Also yeah, I’m definitely starting to realize as well that social media has quite a large influence on whether or not I want to meet an author.


I LOVE MORGAN MATSON. She is one of my favourite authors ever and maybe possibly even my favourite YA contemporary author? SHE’S JUST THAT FANTASTIC. I have read all her books and loved every single one of them and I am so pumped for her upcoming book because even though I barely know what it’s about, IT’S MORGAN MATSON, IT’S DEFINTIELY GOING TO BE GOOD. I am always going to be all about Morgan Matson. Also I will take the time here to say that if you haven’t read any Morgan Matson books or if there’s one you still haven’t read, GO AND READ IT NOW. I promise you, it will not let you down.

There you have it, the 9 authors I would give anything to meet! Now I’m going to ask you: which authors are you dying to meet? And also, HAVE YOU MET ANY OF THESE AUTHORS?? AND CAN YOU ATTEST TO THEIR FABULOSITY / AWESOMENESS?

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