Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Recent Additions: May 2015

books and other stuff i've received lately.

May has been incredibly good to me. Because besides all the exams and the assignments and the stress, there have also been wonderful days in the sun and a lot of ice cream and watermelon and - oh right, books. I've gotten four books this month which might not seem like a lot to some but for me, that's more than January, February, March and April combined. And since all the books are so incredibly gorgeous, I decided I'd make a post about them (as well as this other thing that I got that's not book related - I kinda want room to move around and not just hole myself into posting only about books I've recently got in this post since I don't buy many books anyway). 

Disclaimer: my camera is not amazing nor am I an amazing photographer by any means so these pictures undeniably will be of poorer quality but hopefully, not too horrible? 

How does one go from seven pairs of earphones to not even one in working condition? After my Apple earphones suffered a mishap when they got stuffed in my bag (they were in the same compartment as my scissors and I'm not sure how it happened but somehow the scissors cut the wires?) two weeks ago, I was looking for new ones to replace them. I didn't want or need $100 ones but I also wanted earbuds that would look nice and be of fairly good quality. Enter Happy Plugs, which I found one day on a trip to Urban Outfitters. They really are as adorable as the packaging suggests although the quality is still up for debate. I'm no sound expert but they don't exactly deliver sound nearly as crisp and clear as my Apple earphones did. But they're not horrible either so it's okay. As long as they last me for at least two years (I feel like that's a reasonable amount of time for earbuds I paid $33 for, right?), I'll be happy.

And now, for books. I got The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas from the library this month. I still haven't started it but I am unbelievably excited for it. I absolutely adore Sarah J. Maas' writing and this will be perfect while I wait for Queen of Shadows.

In other "books I didn't buy" news, I received a copy of Tiffany Schmidt's Hold Me Like a Breath in the mail after winning the Goodreads First Reads giveaway. I'm pretty sure it came out on the 19th and because I am me, I still have yet to read more than two chapters. But I will, not only because despite the mediocre reviews I've read, I am still very much interested in this book and also because I won this so it'd be kinda rude to just be like "thanks but nope not going to read it". So I'm counting on you guys to HOLD ME TO IT and MAKE SURE I read and finish this soon and then write a review for it. HOLD ME TO IT OKAY.

These are the four books I actually bought this month (and all in less than a week for approximately $65 which I consider a win because you honestly can never get 4 books for $65 any more. It's always closer to $80).

Pictured here are 3 out of the 4 books I bought: 

1. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson which I've already read but have been meaning to get a copy of for ages because it's one of my favourite YA contemporaries and also because the formatting inside with the playlists and the scrapbook are just too precious. Also ROGER. Also it'll look great next to Since You've Been Gone (meaning that I only have to buy Second Chance Summer before I complete my Morgan Matson collection!)

2. Very Good Lives by J.K. Rowling which I have not read but will soon. I've flipped through it though and the illustrations are so lovely so I am excited to sit down with it and hopefully, end up with a little extra motivation and wisdom by the time I finish it. 

3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling which I also have already read but I found it at this cute little bookstore that sells old, used and out of print books and it was on sale for $10. I have all the Harry Potter books on my Kobo but unfortunately, only have the first and the last in physical form so have made it my goal to hunt down all the British editions. I only had $15 that day but I'm definitely going to make a trip back down another day with more money armed so I can complete my collection.

And the last book I bought? None other than PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han which came out today and I am so happy after months of waiting. Luckily, I also had an early closing at school today and an Indigo nearby so I walked over with a friend to get it and can I just say that it is absolutely beautiful and they look so good together and I am so excited to read it OH MY GOD. I am so ready for more Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. LET'S DO THIS.

A picture of their spines together because LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY. I HAVE NO CHILL RIGHT NOW. HOW DO I GET OVER THIS? Praise Jenny Han, literal queen.

I wish I had taken more pictures of TATBILB and PSISLY together because they really are stunning but my camera died so you'll just have to trust me on their beauty. Although I really don't doubt that you already know.

And that brings us to the end of this post. And it feels a little awkward because I never really know how to conclude my posts. So um yeah, here's the end? Hope you enjoyed this post? Tell me interesting things in the comments? Someone teach me how to write conclusions? (But really though, tell me in the comments how you conclude your posts because my lack of ability to do so is a problem.)

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