Sunday, May 24, 2015

Annie's Ultimate Playlist (5)

As we're nearing the end of the school year and finals have been piling up, I've found myself turning to music to help me cope with the seemingly insurmountable to-do list I have. Here are some of the albums I've been listening to in the past month to help me keep my sanity during long hours of studying and homework completing (except when I take breaks to write a blog post) and just generally, to get me pumped up and energized.

Our Own House // MisterWives
This is my go-to album whenever I'm doing boring, tedious work like math homework or French conjugations because it is so full of energy. Enough to keep me awake during the monotony of drawing graphs and solving quadratic equations. This album is also great for impromptu dance parties whenever you feel like you need a little break from work, as I can attest to from personal experiences.

Favourite tracks? Queens, Vagabond, Coffins, Hurricane, Imagination Infatuation, Not Your Way

I Forget Where We Were // Ben Howard
Ben Howard is always good for homework. Every Kingdom is upbeat, cheery but in a much more softer way than Our Own House which makes it perfect for work that requires a little more deep thinking like English essays and even though I Forget Where We Were is a lot darker and moodier in sound, I have tried it and it works just as well for writing essays as Every Kingdom is.

Favourite tracks? Conrad, Evergreen, She Treats Me Well, I Forget Where We Were, Time Is Dancing

Begin Again // Various Artists
Since watching Begin Again earlier this month, I have not stopped listening to this album (and when I say this album, I really only mean the Adam Levine / Keira Knightley songs that were in the film) because it's just so much fun. And I take back what I said about Keira Knightley's voice, it's really grown on me. Works well with really any homework ever, though I did listen to this a lot while studying for my physics test.

Favourite tracks? No One Else Like You, Lost Stars, Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home, A Higher Place, Coming Up Roses

And now, back to finishing my history assignment. But before you go, maybe you want to answer these questions?

What albums / songs do you listen to while studying or doing homework? What type of music do you find works really well and gets you motivated to study? Does listening to music help you focus? Or is there another method that you use? 

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