Monday, March 9, 2015

Annie's Wishlist: Spring 2015

Lately, I've been hit with the reading and blogging bug. Things have just been going really well for me. I feel refreshed and excited about reading and blogging all over again. But sometimes... I'm not always in the mood to blog about books and what I've been reading. The Runaway Reader has never been just a book blog and I never wanted it to be (mostly because after my foray into a second personal blog didn't work out, it was easier for me to screw the rules and do everything I want in one place). While I do love books there are so many other things I enjoy doing as well that I love to talk about. And one of those things is shopping!

I really do love shopping. The mall is probably one of my favourite places. I can waste HOURS in that place. Often I won't buy a lot or sometimes I won't buy anything at all but just looking at all the cool things and fantasizing about how I could buy them one day when I become rich is enough for me. And after hours of fantasizing quietly to myself, I thought "why not introduce this as a sporadic feature on my blog?" Because surely I'm not the only one who loves shopping and wants ALL THE THINGS?

So that is really the genesis of Annie's Wishlist. I won't be making these regularly, just whenever I find things that I like and think are interesting. For today's edition, I've focused on clothing items (and shoes) that I've seen on the interwebs that are really, really cute! Make note that this does not necessarily equate me thinking I will look good in them. Because I probably won't but you know...

Oh, and one final thing! All of these items have been pinned onto my Pinterest which acts 1/2 of the time as my wishlist so if you'd like to see all the others things I'm obsessed with, the link is here! If you're not, then just excuse my self promotion.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Who's Next Leather Boots
Oh my GOD, these boots are to die for. Selena Gomez was wearing them last month and although the slit looks a little funny when she walked (but I do love them as they sorta make an otherwise standard pair of black boots more unique), the boots look GORGEOUS in the stock photo. I have a pair of black boots right now (I like to call them vintage because they are my mother's old pair from when she was in her twenties/thirties) with a tiny heel and although they are nowhere near as badass as these are, I still feel so amazing when I put them on. It's a wonder what nice black boots can do for you. My days go infinitely better when I have my boots on. I just feel ready to take on the day. If I wrote a fashion handbook for women, I'd definitely suggest strongly in the book that everyone get themselves a pair of black boots.

So anyway... I'm a little obsessed with these boots and black boots in general. Especially ones with a heel because I'm on the shorter side. And ones that look as PRETTY as these ones.

2. Brandy Melville Peyton Denim Shirt
I've been looking for a nice denim chambray shirt for agesss because I have this fantasy in my head that when I do find the perfect chambray shirt, I'd pair them with these kick ass red velvet jeans and loafers and a cute little crossbody satchel and a fedora and a blazer and just look like the EPITOME of schoolboy chic or whatever they call it (that might be actually be really hideous in real life though, I'm not sure...) This is not that perfect chambray shirt but it's still cute! I need a denim shirt anyway. I don't really know how I'd wear this though. It seems like high waisted black jeans are the only way to go or black shorts. I just don't know if skirts would go very well with it? Ahh I don't know. The model makes it look so pretty though. That's her job, I KNOW but still. Okay moving on.

3. Nasty Gal Wendy Dress
I love Peter Pan collars so much and especially when they're on dresses. And this dress is so adorable! It definitely reminds me more of Wednesday Addams than Wendy though. I feel like if it were a few shades darker, it could totally double as my Halloween costume for Wednesday Addams (which I am still trying to make a thing). But it's so cute!

4. Birkenstocks Arizona Sandal
I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT A PAIR OF BIRKENSTOCKS. Apparently once you break them in they are the most comfortable shoes on earth and I really need that. I haven't been to a podiatrist ever but I'm pretty sure I should stop stuffing my feet into really flat shoes like Keds or shoes with pointed toes like my boots and Converse and Birkenstocks are really comfortable so... you see my reasoning? I like the Arizona ones more than the flip flop ones just because I like to have the option to wear them with socks or not. I know this sounds ludicrous because socks plus Birkenstocks are always such a faux pas and I've been called crazy for thinking I can make them look cool but the thing is, I DON'T. I'm just a big proponent of comfort and pieces you can wear all year round (or at least for most of the year).

5. Forever 21 Boxy Pocket Top
So oops I couldn't find the link to this, probably because I found it through Pinterest so who knows how long it's been in circulation? Could be YEARS. Which is sad because I really do like this. I like maroony-y colours and pockets on shirts and long sleeves and slightly boxier, looser styles so basically I love this shirt.

6. Brandy Melville Laura Cardigan
I'm fairly sure that the cardigan pictured is the Laura Cardigan but I'm not sure because Brandy Melville didn't have the exact one on their website when I checked which is sad but okay let's just talk about cardigans. One can never have too many cardigans or sweaters in general. I have countless cardigans and sweaters but I always have room for more. Especially knit ones. That are black. And as cute as this one. It just looks so cozy! I just want to snuggle up into it!

7. Urban Outfitters MINKPINK Harajuku Kid Jacket
I wish I could pull this off. I really do but I really probably won't be able to. The black one looks a little more subdued and feasible but I love the powder blue of this jacket! It's so cuteeee. It'd be so fabulous for springgg. And it's so colourful. And it looks so fun and comfy.

8. American Apparel Denim Pencil Pant
I haven't seen these jeans in the American Apparel stores or on their website but I was browsing ASOS the other day on Pinterest and FOUND THESE. Which are literally the jeans I have been looking for. I'm not a huge fan of the American Apparel Easy Jeans just because they look suffocating at the waist but these look substantially more comfortable as they're not literally sucking in your entire hip part. Also I like the size of the leg opening.

9. TNA Equator Leggings
I admire people who rock leggings when they're not exercising because I have just never found the courage to do that. I always feel so bare? I need a new pair just for running purposes because I'm hopefully going to train for a 5K soon and since they aren't that expensive, I will probably get one. Though I don't really know the difference between all the different kinds? I just picked a random one that didn't have any ruching or stuff like that.

10. Missguided Stripe Oversized Knitted Cropped Sweater White
The sleeves look sorta weird but I feel like if you push them up like the model did, they won't be so disproportionate. It looks so cute though. I love stripey things. I have a lot of striped stuff but I can never run out. They're just so cute! I remember once in sixth or seventh grade, this one girl was talking about horizontal stripes making you look wider so you shouldn't wear them but vertical stripes on a top would just be weird??

11. Urban Outfitters BDG Obie Flannel Button-Down Shirt
HOW AM I CANADIAN IF I DON'T HAVE A FLANNEL? And while I don't think this is actually like flannel flannel material, it is really cute and a gorgeous colour. I went through my dad's closet once to find a flannel and I did find one but it was too big so.

Soo... this was a bit of a random post. I just kinda wanted to have fun with something as you might be able to tell because reading it back now, I'm pretty sure I just sound like a super hyper teenage girl. Which I guess makes sense because I AM. So yeah obviously this wasn't book related but I had fun with this so if you're reading this now, I hope you had fun reading it too? 

Although I am admittedly very embarrassed by this post having read it back. I just sound incredibly shallow and privileged and spoiled. Oh well. I don't know if I want to press delete after going through all the work of figuring out how to get transparent backgrounds in pixlr.

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