Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Reflect & Renew

A monthly post looking back and reflecting on how the month went in terms of blogging and otherwise, as well as looking forward to the next month and "renewing" myself for all that's to come. (Get it?) Read on to find out what went down with me this month and what will go down next month!

what happened.

1. FREEZING WEATHER. Back in December, meteorologists reported a long and bitter winter for Canadians and I did not believe them. But in my defense, it was also ten degrees with no snow at all at a time where Toronto is usually already getting the worst winter has to offer. I BELIEVE YOU NOW, METEOROLOGISTS. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE DOUBTED YOU. As a Canadian, I think I'm pretty used to cold weather. -10 degrees celsius is like nothing to me, it's basically SUMMER but once we start hitting the -20s and the -30s excluding the windchill, that's where my limit breaks. Because the wind is the worst thing in the entire world. Cold weather with no wind is okay. Add in the wind and it's just eye watering, snot running, ears numbing EVERYWHERE. Hopefully this improves over the next few weeks but I'm not holding my breath.

2. So many books! I went on a slight book borrowing craze and now I have TOO many books that I don't have enough time to read and it's really stressing me out because between my homework and all the other commitments I have, I barely have enough time to read a book a week. Where can I go to get more hours in a day?

3. The power of music. This month, I witnessed a jam session on a subway like those ones you see on Youtube where a group just comes on the train with their instruments and start playing and singing? Honestly the best thing ever. It was a Sunday and a cold one so a particularly not fun day to be commuting so it just brightened up my whole day and I could see it made everyone else on the train so happy too. It was sorta beautiful because in that moment, we were all connected by the joy we felt from listening to the music and seeing the musicians' enthusiasm and I just can't articulate the feeling exactly but it was wonderful and beautiful and really made me think about the power of music and how it brings everyone together. And now I have vowed to myself to start learning how to play the piano again and learn how to play the guitar and about music so I can get in on that because it was truly a wonderful sight to see.

4. Two months gone already? Also, that. What the heck? Where is time going? I am not ready for this. Sloww down please!

latest obsessions. 

1. Spotify. I got back into extreme Spotify using again. It's just so convenient to track down songs I've heard on the radio or any of the other ways I learn about songs from and it's also so convenient for finding new music to listen to and love. Have not been able to live without it.

So speaking of Spotify, I've included my February playlist down below. And of course, tell me what songs you've been listening to this month and also whether or not you have Spotify and are as in love with it as I am?

2. Navel oranges. Perhaps this is a weird thing to include but I've had such a crazy obsession with them this month. I eat like twenty a week.

currently reading.

I am currently reading Blood Promise by Richelle Mead which is okay. I'm not that far into it but it's so long and I'm not that into this change of scenery. I miss St. Vladimir's and Lissa and Adrian and Christian and Dimitri and everyone else so it's really strange to be in Siberia now with everything totally different. Also reading Richard III by William Shakespeare for English class. It is okay, just very long and hate to say it, rather tedious in some areas. The dialogue is witty and charming, as you'd expect from Shakespeare but the overall storyline just isn't that enjoyable for me. Maybe it's a crime to say that but I stand by it. I've also read a little into Women In Clothes which is a compilation of different essays, surveys and projects done by women on clothes. Very interesting. It's a little like a Rookie magazine for adult women about clothes only. And finally I've finished the first short story of My True Gave To Me, the Stephanie Perkins holiday anthology. Hoping to finish by this weekend!

challenge updates.

  • The 2015 Goodreads Challenge: 14 books read so far which means I'm actually 3 books AHEAD of schedule. This has never happened to me before so I am very excited, though knock on wood because I want it to last.
  • 2015 Debut Author Challenge: Uh zero still. But I'm working on it. Trust me.
  • Flights of Fantasy: Three now so HA, I am making progress! This is thanks to Throne of Glass, Shadow Kiss (which is paranormal fantasy so it counts!) and Crown of Midnight.
  • 2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge: Last month I had three. This month I have 12. Still far from completing the card but good for a month right? And once I finish Richard III, I'll be able to cross off two more.
  • 2015 Classics Challenge: Zero but wait for Richard III okay? Because I'm going to be done soon and THEN, I'll have one.
  • 2015 Contemporary Challenge: Three books due to the addition of Lock and Key and Girl Online. Maybe I should have thought of counting Pushing the Limits...
  • 2015 Discussion Challenge: Oh, uh, zero? Oops.
  • 2015 TBR Pile: Crossed two more off of my TBR list (Girl Online and Throne of Glass)
  • Hail to the King: Nilch.
  • Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge: Seven more crossed off this month! I think I'm making good progress here!
  • Fairytale Retelling Challenge: Nada
  • Reread Challenge: I've been rereading the Shopaholic series so my reread of Shopaholic Takes Manhattan brings my count to two.
  • Dive Into Diversity: I added one for Girl Online because Penny has anxiety which is DIVERSITY.
  • Around the World Challenge: I added a few for my mini challenges and the map as well but nothing outstanding. If you want to know how I've been doing though, don't forget to view my map on the Challenge page!

highlights of the runaway reader.

what to expect in march.

  • Getting back on track with the blog so I might be taking it slow until I get things sorted out again.

that's my february! tell me how yours went in the comments.

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