Monday, August 25, 2014

Life of a Blogger (5): 101 Things I Hate

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This week, we're talking about... 101 things you hate.

I did the 101 things you love list a few months ago but weirdly, never got to doing the 101 things you hate list. I was actually a bit hesitant to do it just because I don't have a lot of things I hate, if any at all. Most of the time, I might say I "hate" something but it's just extreme dislike. But not hate. You know when you were younger and you'd say you hated someone and then this annoying kid would come over and be like "hate is a strong word"? No? Well, okay maybe it's just me. But yeah, I was that annoying kid. The word "hate" just makes me uneasy and it seems so... certain? unchangeable? Even so, I managed somehow to come up with exactly 101 things I hate. But not really. Don't think of it as hate, think of it more like extreme dislike, yeah? Okay yes, the annoying kid in me is coming out again. Let's move on.


1. Losing someone
2. Pigeons (they're everywhere in Toronto and they scare the shit out of me.)
3. Spilling my drink (especially when it's on my shirt and/or my pants because then I get stuck wearing my gym uniform for the rest of the day because my clothes are gross and wet. Ugh. I suppose it's better than not having anything to switch into though.)
4. Cough syrup
5. Green tea
6. Hangnails
7. Slut-shaming
8. Dog drool (Dogs are cute, sure, but not when they drool on you!)
9. Geese
10. Stepping in dog poo
11. Mosquitoes (and mosquito bites)
12. Shaving
13. Screwing up my nail polish
14. Computer viruses (don't even get me started.)
15. Raw fish (which is why I refuse to eat sashimi)
16. The sound of coughing
17. Oatmeal raisin cookies
18. Homework
19. Going to the dentist
20. Split ends
21. The sound of snoring
22. Early mornings
23. Stepping in gum
24. Dijon mustard
25. Having to pee when I'm asleep
26. Retainers (I have them but ew, they're so gross!)
27. Losing touch with someone (I guess you could argue that this is the same as losing someone...)
28. Typos (I don't bother to fix my typos when I see them but it doesn't mean I like them. It's just I'm too lazy.)
29. Flossing (I still do it but I hate it. And I still don't have a good method of getting my upper teeth without drooling everywhere and getting frustrated. Problems.)
30. Losing stuff (which happens to me a lot.)
31. The feeling you've forgotten something
32. When people don't respond to my messages! (unless they're lame and it's clear that I don't expect a response but if it's important, then you should reply when you see it!)
33. Okra
34. Mispronouncing words and names
35. The feeling of hopelessness
36. Doing dishes (least favourite chore.)
37. Running out of chocolate
38. Periods (you know what I mean.)
39. Feeling left out
40. CD scratches
41. Ice-less water
42. Stickers that don't peel off nicely
43. Fevers
44. Public restrooms
45. Pimples (why do I have so many??)
46. Feeling bloated
47. Melted ice cream
48. Feet
49. Chapped lips (mine are always chapped and I hate it. I don't know what to do!)
50. Ripe bananas (I only eat bananas if they're yellowy-green or spotlessly bright yellow.)
51. Plane food (especially Air Canada plane food.)
52. The sound of motorcycles
53. When people don't pick up after their dogs
54. The sound of sirens
55. Running out of data
56. Tangled wires
57. When people use the pet name "baby" (don't mean to offend anyone if you do it but it just bugs me.)
58. Cockroaches
59. Not knowing where my things are
60. Seeds in grapes (which is why I don't like purple grapes.)
61. Twizzlers
62. Bacon (I know, this makes an abominable Canadian but bacon just grosses me out. It's okay if it's in little pieces because sometimes I find them in chicken caesar wrap and while it would be nice if it weren't there, it's okay because it's really tiny and I can forget I'm eating it. But those thick, long strips? Nooo thank you.)
63. Outgrowing my favourite item of clothing
64. Migraines
65. Wasabi (please sushi makers, when you're packaging the sushi in the little boxes, can you make sure that the rolls aren't touching the wasabi? Or the ginger for that matter.)
66. Running out of things to talk about (especially if you're meeting the person for the first time or if it's like a person you're really trying to impress/be friends with.)
67. Grapefruit
68. The feeling of guilt
69. Turkish delights (I don't know why Edmund was so gaga over them. Not worth it, dude.)
70. Pepperoni pizza
71. People talking to you when you're TRYING TO READ
72. Dandruff
73. Sunscreen (I rarely apply sunscreen when I go out which I know is so bad for my skin but I'm just so lazy.)
74. Slush (like that mixture of rain and snow and it's all like gross brown and gray.)
75. When people wear too much cologne
76. Armpits
77. Runny noses
78. Rum cakes
79. Crocs
80. Knotted hair
81. Blisters
82. Traffic jams
83. Being stuck in rush hour
84. Goji berries (my mum loves these.)
85. Dried up markers
86. Microsoft Office 2003 (2007 is okay but 2003 just bugs me and makes me want to scream.)
87. Emery boards
88. Mouthwash
89. Paper cuts
90. Cucumbers (to those people who say it tastes like nothing so therefore, it doesn't make sense that I don't like them: they do taste like something! Like weird cucumber taste! Gross!)
91. Nestea Zero
92. Internet Explorer
93. Working out
94. Snowboots (I really don't like putting on snowboots. They're so clunky and uncomfortable and mine are hideous. I know most people aren't great fans of Uggs either but I'll try to wear my Uggs as often as possible during the winter. Unless of course, I have no choice and there's like slush on the ground and several centimeters of snow.)
95. Caps (like baseball caps. They're fine on other people and in general but I really don't like wearing them.)
96. Splinters (and getting them out.)
97. The feeling of grogginess after a long nap
98. The smell of wet grass
99. Butterflies
100. Wine gums
101. White-Out

That took an EXTREMELY long time. Maybe add "making a list of the things I hate" to the list of things I hate? Anyway, tell me in the comments what things you hate and maybe we can bond over them!

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