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Latest Obsessions: July + August 2015

just some things i've been obsessed with lately.

Book reviews are currently the only thing I have on my list of posts to write and I really should get to them, but that, of course, only means that I'm not gonna. So here's another edition of Latest Obsessions, courtesy of my procrastination and contrariness.

But before we get started, I have some blog-related news I'd like to share with you: I've started a bookish tumblr! You might have noticed that prior to this week, I had my two personal tumblrs linked in the sidebar but after much debate, I finally decided it'd be fun to start a tumblr under the name of this blog so it happened and now you can find the link to that tumblr in the sidebar. Unless you're super lazy, then you can just click here and you'll be redirected to The Runaway Reader: Tumblr edition.

As for other blogging stuff... it's going slow. I did not do much scheduling or blogging on my vacation at all so I've kinda had to readjust to everything and in all honesty, I've only just started implementing my old system again for September so there may be some radio silence on my part for the next two weeks as I plan and schedule and get myself ahead for the upcoming school year because trust me, if I don't figure out a schedule now, my blogging will become virtually extinct come this September.

Okay, that's it, let's get started.


Unfortunately we don't have a Uniqlo in Toronto (yet!! I'm so excited for when it opens here though) but while I was on vacation, there were SO many Uniqlo stores. The first time I walked into one, I was kinda freaking out just because I'd been dying to visit one for ages. They have a lot of basics but they also have some more fashion-y pieces for not crazy prices. I found this one puffy bomber jacket that looked really cute but didn't end up getting because there weren't many things in my closet I'd be able to wear it with. I did get a flannela light blue oxford shirt and a nautical looking sweater, all of which I love. The only thing is that the tailoring is a little bit weird? Like in terms of their dress shirts and button ups, I definitely notice it's more fitted than what I usually get at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel etc etc but it is a little tight around the shoulder / arm area which is not the greatest. But in general, I am obsessed with this store. Also they have free tailoring for any pants you buy which is awesome because I'm really short so all the pants I buy usually fit nice until you get to my feet and there's like two inches of fabric left.


I know, I'm such a nerd but trust me, they're literally the best thing ever. I stumbled upon one back in May while I was looking for some studying tips and since then, I've been hooked. You will not find a better place to get studying tips and tricks and motivation than the study tumblr community. So, so useful. Most of the blogs are run by people who are actually students so you're getting first hand advice from people who know what they're talking about. Knowing that I have this wealth of information so easily accessible and a community that inspires and motivates makes me feel so much more confident and prepared for this year. If you're looking for some advice on studying / tips to help you in school / just general motivation, I'd really recommend googling a few studyblrs as they're really really helpful. (Oh, and if you want, you can follow my studyblr here.)

karlie kloss ( + her youtube channel).

I LOVE KARLIE KLOSS. And I've loved her since I first saw her in Vogue like three to four years ago maybe? And now since she's friends with Taylor Swift, we all know how much of a cupcake she actually is and I love her even more. I've been keeping up with her Youtube channel a lot and SHE ACTUALLY IS THE SWEETEST. I can't not smile watching her. Also I have her cover of Glamour this month which I really adore. So there's that. My favourite person of the month.

coloured pens + notebooks.

I blame this on the studyblrs I follow because if you have ever seen the notes and the stationery collections on there, YOU'LL UNDERSTAND because you'll want to buy all the fun pens as well. Pictured above is my pencil case for school (which is really just a Clinique makeup bag that my mum got with her skin cream things) and it's just all my pens and pencils (I have my calculator and scissors and graphite lead and all that OTHER stuff in a separate pencil case which is also a Clinique makeup bag because I am INSANE AND RIDICULOUS like that). Some, I got while on vacation because Shanghai bookstores have really good deals on pens and lead pencils and then the Staedtler ballpoint pens and highlighter and the Sharpies and all the rest I got here from Staples with the exception of the multicoloured pen which I got from Muji. I've never been really diligent with my studies and taking notes and such but with studyblrs and now these beautiful pens, I'm like SO READY to take on the school year. We'll see how long it lasts but for now, I'm really digging all my cool pens. Would definitely recommend the Staedtler ballpoint pens even though I usually like my ballpoints to have a finer tip. They write so smoothly and the colours are gorgeous. Also really like my Pentel Fiesta lead pencils. Hoping to update my pen collection later on this year as I've spent too much money on them right now but in December, I might get the Staedtler rollerballs and the Muji gels as a birthday treat for myself.

l'occitane delightful rose hand cream.

I got a tube of this hand cream this month and IT SMELLS AMAZING. I always like carrying a tube of hand cream with me during school because it's such an easy way to freshen up and when I smelled this at Sephora, I was like I HAVE TO HAVE THIS. It smells soo lovely. And I don't know, I've always loved the look of L'Occitane hand creams and have been dying to try one so this kinda worked out quite well.

peek freans fruit cremes.

I'm really trying to eat healthier but it's so hard when I have these lying around in the house (also see chewy fruit candy). I'm not a huge fan of sandwich cookies typically (unless they're Oreo thins) but I make exceptions for these. I used to love these so much as a kid and then my dad got two boxes again over the weekend so I'm obsessed. They're sandwich cookies with a cream filling and a STRAWBERRY JELLY CENTER. Obviously this is the best part. What I like to do is eat around the jelly until that's all that's left and then I savour it because it is so good. I am eating one as I'm typing this. It's going to be my last one though, I promise.

secret garden by johanna basford ( + faber castell watercolour pencils!)

So after talking a lot about how I absolutely lust after adult colouring books, I finally ended up getting one of my own and one that actually wasn't on my list. But Secret Garden is definitely what I would consider the start of the whole colouring phase (kinda like how Serial started the whole podcast obsession) and I saw it at a bookstore and was like, why not? And I'm pretty pleased with it. With colouring books, I really don't like them to be too complex because that'd just cause even more stress trying to figure out what the heck is going on but Secret Garden is not overly complex. I definitely prefer the pages of houses and sheds over the crazy ones with vines. Also not crazy about the pages that ask you to complete the drawings? Because hi I didn't buy a colouring book because I'm really good at drawing, otherwise I would have just bought a sketchbook but that's just me. I'm just really particular about this stuff but overall I do really like it. Here are two pages I've done.

The pencils I use to colour in these drawings are the Faber Castell watercolour pencils which I got as a gift. The paper in Secret Garden is a little thicker which is good for different mediums. Still not the best for holding water but since a lot of the details are small, I'm not using much water anyway so it's not like totally unmanageable. Obviously the paper crinkles a bit but that doesn't bug me as much especially not when I'm getting such smooth colour. Although as you can see, it can be hard filling in all the small details so inevitably, my colours do leak outside the lines a bit.

So this post ended up a little bit longer than I had planned but hopefully you guys enjoyed reading it! I know I had a lot of fun writing it but that's just because I will give any opportunity to talk about the things I love, much to my friends' dismay. Hope you guys are having a great summer!

but before you go, tell me what you've been obsessing over lately in the comments! 

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