Monday, June 23, 2014

Be Still, My Beating Heart! (A Sorta Film Review For TFIOS)

Today I'm going to be talking about The Fault in Our Stars movie and why, if you liked the book, you should definitely not miss out on this movie!

As I've been on an unofficial break of sorts from blogging, this post is very late. Initially I was going to have it up on the sixth of June, right after I watched it, but things just didn't work out. I have to admit, I've tried writing this post a bajillion times already and it seems the words aren't coming to me. Here goes another try as I'm making my jump back into my blogging.

So, where to start?

Well, first, let me rewind back to a few years ago when I read the book. It wasn't too long ago but it was well before The Fault in Our Stars blew up to the level it is at today. I liked it but I wasn't in love and it didn't make me cry. I definitely did not consider it a favourite so when word of the movie first leaked, I was rather indifferent to it all. 

But then, the trailer. Oh, the trailer. I talked a little bit more about it in this post which I think you should really read because I totally hit the nail on the head without even knowing it. I totally just predicted exactly how I would react to the movie. God, am I psychic or something? But seriously, after watching the trailer, my little heart just kinda seized up with a rediscovered love for the book. Even after I had grown increasingly less fond of the book over time. I don't know what it was but something about the movie just looked so RIGHT. Like it would be everything I liked about the book and not anything I didn't like about the book.

And true to my word, I was at the theatre the very day it premièred! I actually had an exam that day but it worked out rather well as my exam was early in the morning and I was able to just head to the theatre straight after (well, not before getting some lunch) to watch it.

I don't think I was ever more nervous to see a movie. Like seriously. I was shaking going into the theatre. And I walked out shaking. But don't worry, it was in the best way possible. Because the movie was great, and this is why:

1. They stuck to the book...
The Fault in Our Stars is such a PHENOMENON by itself that I think the producers made a smart decision by choosing not to deviate from the general storyline. I read The Fault in Our Stars a few years ago and seeing it on screen made my heart fill up with joy. Like, WOW IT'S ALL SO REAL. I think I must have squealed non-stop during the entire film, especially when Shailene and Ansel started speaking the lines from the book. It was so flipping perfect and didn't sound at all pretentious like I felt it did in the book.

2. ...But cut out unnecessary bits
Honestly, I didn't even notice anything was missing (like the Caroline bit) until I Wikipedia'd the book and I think, on screen at least, it was better the way they did it without the parts that didn't really add anything to the general storyline. For me - someone who wasn't totally in love with all of the book - it was like an airbrushed version of the book that worked really well for me. I don't think maybe that the story they stuck to for the film would have worked so well as a novel but I think I prefer the film version anyway.

3. Ansel Elgort as Gus was fantastic.
When the casting for Gus was announced, I think my jaw dropped. Totally did not think Ansel was the right guy for Gus because he didn't look anything like the Gus I had in my mind. I don't know why I had such a hard time getting over Ansel not looking like my Gus but I did. Even watching the movie at the beginning, I felt he was so wrong. BUT then. He grew on me. With each smirk, I felt myself more assured that Ansel was Gus and Gus was Ansel. I can still see where I didn't think he looked much like Gus but now, they're kinda becoming one and the same for me. Ansel might not have had the look of Gus that I felt like he had to have but he captured Gus' demeanour straight on and his acting was great. Like that gas station scene? My heart!

The movie just did everything really well. It all came together in such a fabulous way and it was just great. Like I don't know what else to say even after a few weeks since watching this film other than it was great. It delivered all the emotional punches to the gut that the book didn't manage and while I didn't sob, I did tear up a bit. Not that my cry-o-meter is such an accurate way of measuring emotion because I seriously cry at the most random things. Like during a Jennifer Aniston comedy.

I know I rambled on a lot but basically what I want you to take from this is that if you are a fan of the book, you SHOULD go watch the movie, if you haven't already. It definitely does not disappoint and I think even if you haven't read a book or are indifferent to it, The Fault in Our Stars stands well alone as a film and though it is directed mainly to teens, I think everyone can find something to appreciate and relate to about this movie.

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