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March 2015 Reflect & Renew

A monthly post looking back and reflecting on how the month went in terms of blogging and otherwise, as well as looking forward to the next month and "renewing" myself for all that's to come. (Get it?) Read on to find out what went down with me this month and what will go down next month!

what happened.

1. Finally spring? I always talk about the weather, I KNOW but can you blame me for being excited to see the beginnings of spring? I mean, you can hardly call three degrees spring but it's close, I can taste it. And I am excited. And I am ready. This winter has been one of the harshest winters I've ever suffered through and I can't wait to be able to walk out again without having to pile on the layers. I can dig out my skirts soon! And shorts! And tank tops! Clearly I am very enthusiastic about this...

2. Still drowning in books. And I'm afraid to admit but the problem might have even gotten worse. As I now have TWO books for English to finish and multiple, multiple that I want to finish before they're due at the library and on top of that, one I need to finish for a readalong and another I need to finish for my mom (she's making me read Pride & Prejudice). SO I'M REALLY STRESSED OUT ABOUT THIS. I don't even know how to begin to resolve this problem so some books will probably have to go back to the library unread, as sad as that makes me.

3. March break. March break was fabulous. Although I didn't go anywhere for March break it was still wonderful to be able to stay home and take a break from school.

4. Literacy test. This test basically made me feel better about my literacy/writing skills and compensated for all the times other bloggers and writers have made me feel like I WILL NEVER BE THAT ELOQUENT OR WITTY OR FUNNY. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WORD LIKE THAT. Which is to say it was pretty easy.

5. The ballet. I went to a ballet for the first time this month! I went to go see Alice in Wonderland and it was superb. The dancers were all mind-blowingly amazing with movements so fluid and breezy, it's hard to believe they're actual human beings. The music accompaniment was also great although I won't lie, the ballet did lose me for a bit during the scenes. Because there was no speech, it was hard to follow the story which led to me being incredibly confused which then led to me not bothering to pay close attention. But I did still enjoy it so there.

6. So much homework. We've only been back from March break for one week and already there is so much work. Which I guess makes sense as culminatings are only one month away and exams, two. Crazy! Where has the year gone? I still feel like it's January and there are three more months to boost my marks up before finals. But no, there is only one left. I have to say though, I'm really proud of all my grades so far so as long as I keep them up, I will be happy. So yeah, I do have quite a bit of work. Not any more as I have just completed a giant project but still a significant amount? I have an English essay on Richard III due on Thursday and a history project that's due next Thursday AND I badly need to start reading Fifth Business for English as we have content quizzes coming up. Plus, I have a really busy April coming up in terms of extracurriculars so like... EVEN MORE STRESS.

7. Training for a 5K. Heyyy, probably not going to make it but I can try right? And if worst comes to worst, I can always walk.

8. Grade 11 anticipation. It just hit me this past week that in a few short months, I'm going to be a junior. Crazy, right? And I feel like that should scare me because change and growing older always scares me but instead I'm just super excited. Even though I know the work load is so much greater than sophomore year but I'm so pumped. I selected courses I'm truly passionate about. The only thing I'm a little worried is the extracurriculars. There are so many things I want to do next year and I've started applying for some of the positions on the associations for next year but I'm nervous because I really really want them and I probably won't get them because there are like 10 000 other, amazing, fantastic candidates. Oh well. I'll just go out, do my best and cross my fingers!

monthly playlist.

Since I make monthly playlists on Spotify, I thought I'd sneak them into these posts in case you're interested in all the songs I've listened to / discovered.

latest obsessions. 

1. The Jinx. I've already written a post about this but I just had to include this in here again. Since Serial, there's been a true-crime shaped hole in my heart and The Jinx filled it. Although there has been some controversy of late about the director Andrew Jarecki's possible timeline fudging, I still thought The Jinx was an incredibly intriguing and captivating mini-series and recommend it.

2. Art journalling. This was my project for my independent enrichment study. It started out to be a great burden weighing down on me but I really did start enjoying it after I got working and I'm hoping to continue with it.

3. Kendrick Lamar. The thing about me is that I truly do love rap. Except I am so hopelessly clueless about it. When people talk about triple bar raps or good beats, I get totally lost. It's like that thing that I enjoy even though I know nothing about it except that I enjoy it. And Kendrick Lamar is one of my favourite rap artists. I loved good kid, maad city and though I haven't heard many songs off of To Pimp a Butterfly, the ones I have heard have been so great. His lyricism is probably the best out of all the rappers I've listened to (like ten so not exactly speaking from experience or expertise here AT ALL) and I love his sorta unconventional sound in this album where he mixes a lot of jazz/funk music with his rhymes and it's just really cool and I'm slightly obsessed.

4. McDonald's. I've been having intense McDonalds cravings all month long. So if you want to know what's up with me lately, that's what's up. McDonald's every week just because I feel like it.

5. Marble Slab Creamery. Best ice cream EVER. I'm telling you, they have amazing ice cream. The store near me never has any of the fun unique flavors but even their more traditional ones like vanilla and chocolate are AMAZING. The last time I went I had the butter pecan with Skor bits and it was to die for. Also does anyone else hate putting fruit on their ice cream? I NEVER put strawberries or raspberries or blueberries or anything like that (unless they've been marinated in the juice thingy) because they always freeze and get hard and not tasty. I always like going for something that won't freeze on me and that's soft enough and not too dense.

6. Pop Rocket podcast. I'm planning on writing a podcast post soon and this will for sure be included in that post but I'm too excited and I want to tell you guys now. This was a very recent find but it's already become a favourite of mine. It's all about pop culture and media. All four hosts have interesting opinions and they have some really important commentary on the news as well (recently, they had a- what I thought was fantastic - discussion on the Oklahoma fraternity and the video they put up). And it's just honestly so worth a listen. Please, go listen to it now.

currently reading.

I'm STILL reading Richard III for school but good news, I'm on act 5 so will be planning on finishing very soon. I'm also Fifth Business by Roberston Davies for school. I honestly have no idea what it's about so I'm hoping it's going to be good. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas is also on my currently reading list and I am so excited to churn through this book because I LOVE THIS WORLD. And finally I'm also reading I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk even though the writing really gets on my nerves at times. I just can't bear not knowing what happens to Angela! Oh and yeah I'm also rereading Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella as part of my Shopaholic reread and then there are TONS of other books on my TBR too...

challenge updates.

  • The 2015 Goodreads Challenge: I've jumped from being three books ahead to being 10 books ahead with 27 books read. Am I on a roll or what?
  • 2015 Debut Author Challenge: Still zero BUT I WILL WORK ON THIS.
  • Flights of Fantasy: I read one more book for this challenge (Blood Promise by Richelle Mead) which puts me at four.
  • 2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge: I have 17 but I also haven't updated it in sooo long so hopefully when I do get to updating it, my number will be much higher than that!
  • 2015 Classics Challenge: Zero but remember: Richard III and Fifth Business.
  • 2015 Contemporary Challenge: I read 8 more books so I have 11 now! Wahoo!
  • 2015 Discussion Challenge: Um...
  • 2015 TBR Pile: I read 8 more books off my TBR this month.
  • Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge: Again I haven't updated this in a while so I have 20 now but hopefully more when I update it.
  • Fairytale Retelling Challenge: Sigh.. zero.
  • Reread Challenge: A Midsummer's Nightmare was this month's contribution to this challenge.
  • Dive Into Diversity: I added Everything Leads to You for this challenge because the main character is lesbian.
  • Around the World Challenge: View my map on the Challenge page as I update this regularly.

highlights of the runaway reader.

what to expect in april.

  • I have posts planned guys I SWEAR. I just don't want to say them now because I might not get to all of them and then I'll feel bad but I promise, they're coming and they're exciting!

that's my march! tell me how yours went in the comments.

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