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4 Reasons to Go See The F Word/What If

By the time you're reading this, The F Word/What If most likely isn't in theatres any more because this post is way overdue. I went to go see this movie in theatres right when school started back at the very beginning of September and planned to write this post but by then, I just didn't have energy to blog so this post got pushed back and now... here we are. I would have just scrapped this post altogether but The F Word/What If was just SUCH a good movie, I had to tell you guys about it.

So first I guess I should mention that this film actually goes under two names: The F Word and What If. For Canadian release, the film used its original name (I think?) of The F Word but for everywhere-else-release, it went under What If. I'm probably just going to end up using The F Word to refer to film when I get tired of typing out The F Word/What If because that's the name that's familiar to me.

And just to sum it up very, very briefly, The F Word is a romantic comedy about a girl and a guy who meet at a party and end up getting stuck in the friendzone (hence, the F Word) and it's really hilarious and wonderful and I think that's all you really need to know but if that summary kinda sucked, then visit the IMDB page for more information.

4 Reasons to Go See The F Word.

It's filmed in my favourite city ever, TORONTO!
Maybe this won't be a selling point for you but for me, it definitely was! A lot of films actually get filmed in Toronto (hence why it gets called "Hollywood North" a lot) but it's not often that a film that gets filmed in Toronto is actually meant to be set in Toronto so with The F Word, you actually got to see all the cool Toronto landmarks that probably wouldn't make it into other films filmed in Toronto because it would contradict the setting the movie is supposed to take place in. 

The screenwriter, Elan Mastai talks about this (kinda) and I thought it was interesting so I'll share it with you:
"My personal, emotional life was bound up in the iconography of the city," Mastai said. “I was thrilled we got to shoot it in Toronto. I feel like Toronto is often treated very coldly in the movies when it’s being treated at all... I always prefer to have the movie set where we shoot it, so that you’re not hiding anything or trying to pawn it off as some kind of Anytown, U.S.A. If you make a movie more specific, it actually makes it more universal… Whether you’re setting your movie in Manhattan, or Los Angeles, or Paris, or Kuala Lumpur, or Toronto, it’s always going to make the movie better, more textured, and more rounded because it’s a real place."

And I've lived here my entire life that sometimes Toronto starts to lose its magic for me but after watching this film, it was like "yeah.. I really do live in a cool city!" My friends and I were joking afterwards that the filmmakers made Toronto seem so much more hip and cool than it really is but okay guys, Toronto is actually pretty awesome even if I don't think it all the time.

Liz Braun wrote a review for the Toronto Sun about this film that sums up my thoughts totally:
"Toronto audiences get the extra bonus of seeing their city through the eyes of love, a point of view that makes every inch of the waterfront, every park and every streetcar hugely desirable. If you didn't know better you'd almost want to live there." 

Yes, that is exactly how I feel.

And even though Daniel Radcliffe was here for TIFF, it didn't really hit me that he was in MY CITY and has been to MY CITY before for this film until I saw the film and saw him WALKING ON THE SAME FREAKING STREETS I WALK ON LIKE EVERY FREAKING DAY. Holy shit.

Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan were ADORABLE.
They were actually soooo cute. I can't even explain. I can't even. I'm unable to even. Like what the heck?? Is it even possible to be that cute? So many feels. So many great, great, great cute moments. And their banter was fabulous. So hilarious and ADORABLE. Like obviously, in real life unless you ARE Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, the banter sucks. It's awkward, it's not funny, it's not cute. Or maybe that's just me? Why do movies and shows and books make banter seem so easy? It's not. All I can manage ever is a chuckle and maybe a really bad joke and then I'll end up stuttering and it's horrible. But anyway. Wallace and Chantry (Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan's characters) were A+. Really adorable but also fantastic characters. In all honesty though, all the characters were great so I guess that's another reason why you should go see this movie: fantastic characters!

Cute, cute outfits.
Zoe Kazan's character, Chantry had the CUTEST outfits. I don't know why I pick up on these things but literally every single outfit she wore, I was like OMG CAN THAT BE MINE PLEASE? They were all so cute (sorry, I lost my thesaurus) in that Taylor Swift-esque way kinda? 

It's just such a sweet and cute movie in general.
I've used cute and adorable in this post way too many times already but man, this film is just so SWEET and ADORABLE. It's such a feel good movie, I can almost guarantee you walking away from this movie smiling.


So obviously I'm not a film expert and have no clue about the technicalities but I know what I enjoy and The F Word was definitely very enjoyable so I highly recommend you go see it and then tell me what you think! If you've already seen The F Word/What If, tell me what your thoughts were. Do you agree with me? 

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