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Things That NEED to Happen in Queen of Shadows

Having recently finished Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, I am now fully caught up with the Throne of Glass series (minus the Assassin's Blade which I'm saving for when the wait for Queen of Shadows gets too agonizing) so yay for me for finally being on board with the train. Woot woot! I mean, I know I'm still MONTHS late to the party but maybe you guys will entertain me with this post for a bit?

Queen of Shadows isn't coming out for another few months and we all know the wait is going to be agonizing... so I thought why don't we have a little Heir of Fire discussion until then and chat about what we'd like to see happen in Queen of Shadows? Typically I don't like musing about the next installments in a series too much because that's practically setting myself up for disappointment but I have too many feels about Celaena and Throne of Glass that cannot be physically contained. Thus, I'm going to be using this post as my place to shout and squeal about everything I want to see happen in Queen of Shadows.

Obviously, there will be spoilers for Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire so if you haven't read them, please don't read past this point. And if you do, don't say you haven't been warned...

things i want to see happen in queen of shadows.

1. Aelin needs to continue to be that boss ass bitch she really is. I was hesitant going into Heir of Fire because I heard that there wasn't much Chaolaena and after Crown of Midnight, I wasn't sure I was ready to give that up. Others were like "but there's a lot of great growth in Celaena" and still I was "ehhh" but then... THEN I read Heir of Fire and I must say, Celaena / Aelin rules EVERYTHING. I loved seeing her development in Heir of Fire: watching her slowly come to her own and KICK ASS. I felt like a proud mama bear the entire time reading the book. And we definitely need more of that ass-kickingness in Queen of Shadows. 

Also I think there really needs to be Team Aelin shirts because fuck, I am too invested in this character.

2. More Rowan and he needs to reunite with Celaena.
FLIBBING LOVED ROWAN IN HEIR OF FIRE. At first, I was a little like "excuse me sir, who are YOU to be bullying our precious national treasure here?" but then, the ending happened and I AM A ROWAN FANGIRL FOR LIFE. Their relationship is currently one of my favourite things about this series and with its mind blowingly awesome development in Heir of Fire, I can't even imagine where it's going to head in Queen of Shadows. Although can't say I'm among those who want to see it progress in a more romantic road. I'm unsure about Chaolaena now - kinda into Celaena / Aelin just being fucking awesome without a man - but I know regardless of whether there's a romantic interest in her story arc, I just don't want to see Rowan and Celaena together in that way. Especially after everything that happened Heir of Fire, I a) don't see it happening and b) don't want it to happen. Because Rowan and Celaena are perfect in their bickering sibling-like relationship and also because I want Rowan for myself. But anyway, Rowan needs to happen and it needs to be with Celaena because I have SQUAD PLANS.

3. Abraxos needs to come back but in a totally not sinister form.
For some reason, I really fucking loved Abraxos in Heir of Fire. Manon, not so much but Abraxos? I just had such an attachment to him and I would love him to come back but not as part of a secret wyvern-army for the King for obvious reasons. Instead, I'm thinking Celaena rescues him from the grips of Manon and the King and brings him back to her apartment to raise with Fleetfoot. I know, it's unlikely but how cute would that be? Fleetfoot + Abraxos? YES PLEASE.

4. Dorian and Aedion need to be saved.
Because again, SQUAD PLANS. And also because I love them and don't want them to suffer? Especially poor Dorian with that collar around him. And Aedion! You brave, brave soul. 

5. Dorian and Chaol need to make up and be friends again.
Look I know a lot of shit went down but the hostility between them physically kills me. I just want them to be friends again okay? Like legitimately friends. Like trusting each other and working together and being happy together. The court scene at the end of Heir of Fire was TORTURE especially when Dorian stepped in to save Chaol. I LOVED that and though I don't think that itself is enough to suggest a reconciliation, I HOPE IT HAPPENS.

6. Sorscha needs to be brought back to life.
Because Dorian deserves to be happy OKAY. I don't care how it happens, IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Because MY SON DORIAN DESERVES TO NOT BE FUCKING MISERABLE ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Goddamn. Leading me to my seventh point...

7. Someone kill the fucking King RIGHT NOW.
Look, I know this is going to be a six book series but I can't stand reading about the King of Adarlan any longer. Truly one of the WORST characters I have ever encountered EVER. Worse than the Darkling. Worse than President Snow. Worse than VOLDEMORT. YES I WENT THERE. THAT is how much I hate him. I hate him even more than all those guys put together. I hate him so much. There is no redeemable quality about him, he's just pure undiluted EVIL and the worst person ever and though I'd probably die, if I could, I would totally just run into court with a giant lance and stab him in the eye. And punch him and stomp on him and then burn his ashes because HE IS THE WORST. 

Also I swear I'm not some crazy psychopath, it's just the King really brings out the murderous thoughts in me. 

8. Emrys needs to be included in some way.
Because Emrys is fabulous so he needs to be there.

9. Chaol needs to stop being so sucky.
You guys were right, Chaol was so sucky during Heir of Fire. All this not making up his mind about Celaena being Fae and Dorian having powers and not making up his mind about where his allegiance is? LIKE COME ON CHAOL, stop this bullshit. Just make up your mind and let's go. So I hope this happens in Queen of Shadows. I'm counting on this to happen otherwise SQUAD GOALS are DONE FOR.

10. OH and Manon needs to rebel against the King and join the squad.
I just realized how awesome that would be. SO AWESOME, RIGHT? Like I wasn't a huge fan of Manon in Heir of Fire though she grew on me by the end but I'm just thinking now... Celaena befriends Manon. They join forces and TAKE DOWN THE KING OF ADARLAN. 

11. Arobynn needs to go.
Sorry Arobynn, you need to go. Although my hatred for Arobynn hasn't quite reached King of Adarlan levels yet, I've no doubt that it will get there in time. So I'm really hoping that Celaena works her super boss skills on him and get that Wrydkey back.

Okay let's finally talk about my squad: Celaena / Aelin, Aedion (side note: cannot FUCKING wait for the Aedion / Aelin reunion), Dorian, ROWAN, Chaol (if he gets his shit together), Emrys, Fleetfoot, Abraxos and Manon. LITERAL DREAM TEAM. If this happens, my life will be complete. I will be able to rest happy. I mean, can't you just see it? All of them taking on the King and Arobynn and being awesome together and restoring peace and order to Erilea. 

And those are all my wishes for Queen of Shadows. You might have noticed that I didn't include Chaolaena as one of my wishes and yeah I KNOW, HOW CAN I? Like I said though, I'm still unsure about Chaolaena. I do want to see them together in the end because I still can't forget about everything that went on in Crown of Midnight but at this point, I think Celaena is better off without any Chaol drama. They both have shit to figure out and honestly I just think Chaol won't fit very well into Celaena's list of priorities. So ONE DAY I want to see it happen but not in Queen of Shadows.

Anyway that's my little post for today. I kinda just wanted to do something fun and hopefully you guys will entertain me a bit. 

Tell me, what are you expecting to see in Queen of Shadows? And also, should I read The Assassin's Blade like RIGHT NOW? Because I keep on hearing about this Ansel character who I have NO inkling of and it's killing me so... should I or should I wait?

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